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10 years ago

After a very enjoyable holiday at Menthon St Bernard, Lake Annecy this August (21st 鈥?28th), we had been delighted with the accommodation and the service you provided. We were even considering using you again and recommending you to our friends and family. Unfortunately, we have been very disappointed to find that there has been a delay in returning our refundable deposits for damages and cleaning, which amounts to 拢540. We understand the need for these deposits (although they do seem to be excessive!) and we were very careful to leave the property we rented in the same condition as we found it. There were no damages or issues about cleanliness and the owners seemed very happy on our departure on 28th August 2010. Therefore, we find it difficult to understand why you have not complied with your terms and conditions, which state that 鈥測our payment will be sent back 28 days after your departure鈥? We have made numerous telephone calls and are now becoming concerned, as I am sure you agree that 拢540 is a considerable amount of money, which we cannot afford to lose.

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