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6 months ago

We contracted Deck Helmet to apply a coating on our deck in Dec 2016. The work was poorly done July 2017–one very thin coating. We submitted a "punchlist" and, after pretty much nagging them via email, the work was completed in Aug 2019–yes, two years later! The work was sloppy, but at least there was more than one thin coat applied. Meanwhile, we could not use our deck/deck furniture for almost three whole summers in case they were to come to do the work. This April, as we were finally putting our deck canopy up, we discovered a small section of coating was chipping and submitted a complaint via their website and email. Their response was that the two-year labor warranty had expired so we had two options: 1. do the work ourselves and they would provide a bucket of coating and a brush; or 2. for $4950, they would come out and recoat all horizontal surfaces on the deck. We sent several emails asking them to explain how the warranty had expired when the work had been completed less than a year ago, and explaining that we did not want the whole deck redone, just the one area sanded and redone. Our emails were mostly ignored, until I threatened to contact the BBB. Deck Helmet responded–same two options, but we'll do the work for $1950. We again emailed and asked them to justify that the warranty on labor had expired. They responded–the final payment was received in Aug 2017, so your warranty has expired. They gave us the same two options, but now the labor cost for them to do the work is back up to $4950.
Their customer service is horrible. First it took three summers for them to complete the work, and then it took numerous emails from us over four months to receive an unsatisfactory response.
I deeply regret having contracted them in the first place. This entire process has been exhausting and stressful and has yet to be resolved. I filed a complaint with BBB this morning. Maybe that will get Deck Helmet's attention…

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