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9 years ago

Deck My Dorm is a fabulous website with great customer service. My college bound daughter bought her bedding and a trunk from them. Their willingness to take the time to help her with her questions was better than she experienced with a large national company. It was obvious to her that the owner has a college daughter too, because she had lots of advice for setting up her dorm room. I plan to buy from them to redo my preteens rooms for Christmas. Thank you Deck My Dorm, you are wonderful !!


9 years ago

Great customer service from Deck My Dorm! Called with questions about ordering a trunk for my daughter going off to college. Not sure what size to get or what options she needed. Called Deck My Dorm customer service and spoke with Jennifer, one of the owners, that also has a college student. Her information was so helpful coming from someone who had been there and also was extremely knowledgeable of the items I was ordering. We kept thinking of more questions and calling back and each person I spoke with was very patient and helpful. Deck My Dorm went over and above and added a special touch with the personal service I received. I will definitely be ordering from them again!


9 years ago

Deck My Dorm threatens lawsuit over unfavorable opinion

Status update 09/14/2011: Since concluding my business with Deck My Dorm, they are now harassing and threatening me, with a lawsuit if I do not remove my unfavorable opinion of them. They have, sent me multiple, email threats and now, are using our legal system, to intimidate me into acquiescing, and stifling my freedoms and rights. This attorney's email letter also included mentioning of my work, intending to further intimidate and threaten me by, involving my work in connection with Deck My Dorm (the purchase was ordered by me and shipped to my home address). I have a right, to voice, my opinions of Deck My Dorm free from harassing emails, intimidations and threats of a lawsuit. I believe in my freedom. I believe in standing up, and defending my rights as an American.

I had terrible customer service experience with Deck My Dorm. They were, quick to send, a receipt confirmation, for payment received, but after waiting several days (5 days), to hear about the status of my order (i.e., your order is in the custom build stage, your order is in the delivery stage, your order is in the process stage, etc.). I finally called them for an inquiry, and was given the run of excuses. I was told that my order might go out that day or it will go out the following day, and when it does an email with a tracking number will be sent to me. Four and a half hours later, I received an email stating, "Your order has shipped!" no other information was included, not even the company's name. I would not have known what the email was had I not seen who it was sent from. The email did not have the company name or contact information, nor did it include a tracking number with further information about how long it will be in transit, or when to expect delivery. I called back and asked to speak to a manager. The woman asked me to hold and a few seconds later what sounded like the very same person I just spoke to gives me her name. I asked her if she was the manager and she said yes. I asked what does she manage she then tells me she's the co-owner. The next morning I received an email explaining to me the delay in my order status which did not explain why there was a five day wait period to know that my order was 1.) being custom built (which I was told over the phone that day, and 2.) that there would be a delay due to the influx of orders as students return to college. When my shipment finally arrived, I was further frustrated after receiving a slightly damaged product. Since, our communiqu茅s, they were very attentive and diligent in keeping me updated every other day regarding the status of my exchange. From the pickup of the damaged product to the delivery of the replacement, and included in the replacement was a complimentary fleece blanket and a note acknowledging my recent order. The product is amazing and it is everything the manufacturer claims. I just wished I, was able to order the product directly from the manufacturer. Unfortunately, the quality of the product from the manufacturer was overshadowed by my less than stellar experience with Deck My Dorm. I will be taking my business and references to another vendor to order two more of this product.

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