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2 months ago

Having purchased nearly 3k of what I thought was UK built Decking Handrails, Spindles and Edging,聽 less than a year and a half later,聽 every single one of the 4 SEPARATE components is splitting and cracking open !聽 Safety is paramount with any raised deck !

Like the two other unhappy customers I have managed to track down, i too have been told "its my fault"聽 "didnt fit it right " ive squeezed the boards..I've crushed the spindles, everything except I didn't tuck it in and give it a kiss goodnight ! Pathetic.

They have removed all reviews from their Facebook page.聽 As two were negative and the one good one was from a聽 "friend".

Proof available from other unhappy customers that if u want any kind of action then u have to take your bad review down !聽聽

Proof also available that I too personally was intimidated with legal action if I didnt remove my review.

Thomas the owner is all to happy to sell to you, but too scared to actually talk to you when things go wrong and try to resolve reasonably.聽His staff also hide behind keyboards and emails. All he wants is pictures when u finish decking then he's done !

Well i had held off posting this review since August..4 months now…. as I am a reasonable person and open to discussion.聽 But now they have not picked up phone ONCE since complaint lodged.

So this review is being posted to save others the same distress and expense of dealing with these people and this company.

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