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1 year ago

I had a reservation with Dec么 apartment during the week of October 14, traveling with my 73 year old month. On that Monday in the same week, the protests had shut down the airport and there was violence protests in the city center. Even various international government agencies including the UK government issues warnings to anyone who was visiting Barcelona during that week. Since I was traveling with my 73 year old mother, I couldn't risk taking her to the city. I had successfully canceled and received refund for all other venues in Barcelona including the initially non-refundable La Sagrada Familiar tour. I kindly asked Dec玫 apartment to cancel and refund my reservation due to the violent protests with the consideration of my traveling with my 73 year-old mother. They did not even try to understand my situation of traveling with an elder and refused to even consider it. They would only "consider" a refund if the protests occurs right outside the apartment. Absurd!
Note that I kindly asked them to cancel it a few days before my reservation start date, which would have started on Thursday (3 days after the protests shut down the BCN airport).
On Friday in the same week, a Barcelona strike also occurred along side with more violent protests which, per the news, had the public transportation services reduced to 50% operation service level.
I contacted Dec么 apartment again that Friday. Since I booked with, they tricked me into canceling the reservation "in progress" on saying that they would refund me partially with me only to find out that by canceling the reservation on, I would not be able to write a review on them. This is a pure dirty trick from them and a totally disgusting move to take advantage of their customers in situation that was not under my control.

ABSOLUTELY DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT THEY SAY!! When you are caught in situation like mine, they would only want to take advantage of you and give you BS excuse and would trick you so that you wouldn't able to write bad reviews on them, in my case, on

This apartment management company is despicable! I'm sure they would try to BS their way to excuse how they trick me into canceling an in-progress reservation on in the name of providing me a partial refund (which had never happened) so that I would not be able to write them a review on

Absolutely despicable company!!

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