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7 months ago

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iPad Air Slim Case, iPad Pro Foldable Sleeve, iPhone 11 Case, Laptop Sleeve, Wireless Charging Pad, and Lightning USB Charging Cord – All purchased 07/06/2020

I only recently discovered the Decoded brand while searching for new luxury leather accessories for my electronics, and after purchasing ALL of the items listed above this week, I will honestly never shop elsewhere for these products again. My complete consumer experience with Decoded has been nothing short of incredible!

Customer service was friendly and efficient. Shipping was FREE (orders over $50) and lightning fast (received in less than 48 hours from order being placed)! Most importantly, the superior craftsmanship, quality, and value of the products I purchased are truly impressive.

*** Regarding the TrustPilot review I read complaining of 鈥渇ake leather,鈥?this is simply false, and/or the buyer鈥檚 experience was highly unique or dissatisfying in some other way, and they chose to submit a terrible review rather than to address their issue adequately with the manufacturer, who based on my customer service experience, would likely have gone above and beyond to handle any concerns.

If you have any doubts, I encourage you to purchase just one leather product from Decoded and compare it to the 鈥渓eather鈥?Smart Cover designed by Apple for their iPads… Decoded鈥檚 Full Grain (highest quality available) leather is the real deal, and competitors such as Apple and the inferior faux leather manufacturers you find a dime a dozen on Amazon don鈥檛 even come close!

Buy from Decoded. I guarantee you will not be disappointed, and your friends, family members, and colleagues will certainly ask for a closer look at these awesome leather accessories!



11 months ago

Super fast delivery and amazing product!
I have chosen the Brown Backcover for iPhone 11 Pro max!


11 months ago

Have been using Decoded cases for years and very happy with it. Used to have their card cases, bought them at Apple stores. Had a case where the stitching got a bit loose, got a new under warranty.
This year I decided to go with the iPhone 11 wallet case where you can take of the wallet, i'm never switching again!


11 months ago

I had multiple cases from decoded before. I recently switched to iphone 11 pro and naturally got their case again. Unfortunately the quality of the cases went down, they are no longer using real leather and when confronted, they couldnt prove that they do.
They did offer me 40 percent off to buy a new exact case (because asking a client to buy another terrible case from them is their solution to the problem)

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