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8 months ago

decoin is the worse exchange if have tried so far. it has no customer support I have been trying to contact them over email and I haven't heard from them. don't get scamed like I did they gave me a bonus to sign up then later on, it asked to deposit 10 usd to become eligible to withdraw the crypto i was given at sign up. so when I deposited the money then,, it started telling me i was not able to withdraw until I make at least 50 trades. so I wasted my time and I lost my money and I still haven't heard back from there customer support so I just want to let be known decoin io is a scam


10 months ago

Scam scam scam

Cant withdrow


1 year ago

Scam site, don't put any money on it. They claim LVL 1 account have 2 btc per day withdrawal limit but I have a big fat 0. I give them documents to verify identity to lvl 2 so i get SOME withdrawl limit on this bullsh1t site but no one responds to me or does anything for the last 3 days.

This looks like a shittttty scam the more I look at it.

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