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2 months ago

This company have no customer service. They are rude and very flippant.
I ordered a tin of paint, which was delivered by DPD. On opening the box the paint lid was not secured and paint had leaked into the box.
I point this problem out, however the company did not want to take responsibility. I had to inform them of the fact that the contract I had was with them and not the courier company.
They then decided to say I had signed for the product has not damaged.
At this stage I had to explain to them how deliveries are handled due to the Covid pandemic.
They then replied with a photo of the box in my empty doorway with a dialogue saying they could not see anything wrong with the delivery .
This was great evidence has the box could be clearly seen to have damage and to top it off, the box was on it's side and not upright as per instruction on the side of the box. I commented back "you must be short sighted".
They finally then took responsibility and had the paint collected, on the provision that it was returned in its original packaging.
Well I had to use a lot of duct tape on this soggy box.
A refund was given.
If this company were not so flippant with their replies, then I could have been more forgiving.
I have noticed more and more that companies do not appreciate their customers anymore.
I will give negative feedback to all these companies until such time their attitudes change. After all a company is not a company without customers.


7 years ago

Purchased from them 2 rolls of wallpaper, no indication of product being out of stock at time of order.

Waited for the "Next Working Day" delivery which didn't turn up so 2 days later emailed – you don't get a reply to any email!

Phoned 2 days later and was told the paper was out of stock and the owner was on holiday, they gave me his mobile which he didn't answer, I texted it and he just text back ring the office!

One month later still no sign, so called again asking to speak to the owner "Richard Thompson", at first they were willing to transfer me as they assumed I was a supplier but when they asked what company I was from and I explained I was a customer suddenly he was out at the bank. I told the person that I had his mobile, would he have taken the mobile with him? He replied oh he's back hold on.

"Richard Thompson" was just as unhelpful, unapologetic and lied claiming the wallpaper had only just come in and will be leaving today. I had already been told that it had been ordered and was confirmed in February, not 3 weeks into March.

I have left the review before receiving the wallpaper as even at this point I still have no faith that it will be sent. Would never deal with these cowboys again.

Next stop contacting my MasterCard company and putting thru a chargeback.

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