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7 years ago

Wish I had seen these reviews before ordering from this company. I ordered a rug that came with a free rug pad, and requested a price match guarantee based on the company's claim that they would match the competitor's price AND give you a free rug pad. The order confirmation email included the rug & pad, and there was never any indication that I wasn't eligible for the free rug pad. Well the rug finally arrived, sans pad and when I call to figure out where the pad is, I find out that "two coupons cancel out" so I can't get the free rug pad and a price match. Even though this is the information specifically stated in their price match guarantee, and it doesn't show up on the website because of technical difficulties. Absolutely ridiculous.


10 years ago

Business 101- a credit card is to be charged when you are ready to provide a good or a service. Same story, your rugs will ship next week, then your rugs will ship tomorrow-well tomorrow never happened and the company has the nerve to get snippy snotty with you when you dare ask where your merchandise is that you already paid for. Use another website, this one is super shady sketchy!!


10 years ago

I have experienced incredibly unethical business practices by this shaddy supplier. I have been charged for 3 runners which were "in stock" and to be shipped- 1 of the 3 was shipped and mutliple calls to customer service were not fullfilled to ship the remaining product. I will be working with my credit card company to get a credit for product not received. The customer dis-service baffoon actually tried to blame this one the Nor'easter rain storm in March that "shut down the Northeast". I live in the NE… what a sack of bs. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS JOKE OF A COMPANY


11 years ago

I ordered two rugs from this website on Dec. 21, 2009. My credit card was charged immediately and I received an email saying my rugs were in stock and would be shipped in 2-3 days. One day later, I received an email saying that their supplier was closed for the holidays and shipping would be delayed indefinitely. I trusted them and wrote a nice email thanking them for their information. It is published on this site, but I bet this one won't appear).
It is now almost 6 weeks later and the items have not been shipped. Numerous phone calls and emails always receive a reply saying that my order would be shipped "tomorrow", but it never was.
This company is very shady. There are numerous complaints online about their practice of taking your money and never shipping the products. They are avoiding fraud prosecution by continually promising shipping "tomorrow". But you will only get your product or a refund if you pursue a legal complaint, which I am doing.
Better Business Bureau has numerous complaints about this company over the same practices. The BBB rating is D+, which BBB explains means do not do business with this company unless you are willing to tolerate their usual practices.

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