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2 months ago

One month later and never received item , the site said 3-5 days


4 months ago

I would give a 0 review if I could. Avoid this company at all costs. They have stolen my money and will not respond to any of my emails. They have took my money and not delivered all my lights. The ones they have sent are faulty. I have emailed several time to return only to be ignored.


5 months ago

After ordering more than 拢700 of special chandeliers . I too became nervous over the long delay and wondered if in fact the site was genuine.
With Covid, a delay was accepted but with the order placed on 27July and no news in late august I became concerned. The China Post tracker showed the goods dispatched and in transit and the tracking number seemed valid.
Eventually , the tracking details started to be updated – showing shipment via Poland and – after a few weeks , suddenly all went live with dispatch , booking in, customs clearance, shipment into the UK, transit to Bristol and UPS delivery from the Bristol depot the next day . Sure enough– the package arrived as estimated on the 14th September .
Imagine my frustration to find Customs had opened the 3x massive 3 tier LED chandeliers . They had
poorly re-packed two and left the third package –or stolen it! .
The Chinese manufacturer had packaged all three individual chandelier boxes as ONE parcel with only ONE address and postcode-thus once separated, the individual Chandelier was simply lost due to customs in Poland.
The original shipment stated 1 of 1–so no one was aware that the parcel had been split by customs and for UPS it was "delivery completed" NONE OF THIS was the fault of Decoramo–no matter how frustrating the matter was.
I emailed Decoramo within 3 hours of the delivery and requested a refund for the one missing chandelier. Within two hours , I received a confirming emails from Decoramo
to state that my credit card had been credited with one third of the cost .
Now that is prompt service and the site is genuine. It seems from checking that many people – myself included ,expect air freight from China and a fast delivery — not so any more for standard delivery –so expect 6-7-8-10 weeks to elapse before the goods suddenly appear.
Such a prompt refund shows a company that is reputable in its response , so the moral is "–be patient in the current circumstances" monitor the tracking –it does work with China post –and type the right name in your emails — –not Decoramer


6 months ago

The product I bought was not as shown on the website (I essentially received a piece of cardboard) it also had fundamental parts missing (i.e. the pens). Decoramo offered a refund if I returned the product to China. I did so at a cost of 拢7. They claim to have refunded the purchase price (拢20), but have not. They also refuse to refund the postage, despite misleading me about the purchase then sending me a faulty product. They cannot communicate well in English and now ignore my emails about my refund and the postage. I would sincerely avoid this company as I am 拢27 out of pocket and have nothing to show for it.


6 months ago

Recent reviews are not encouraging ! ! !

HOWEVER . . . . the product was received very quickly and was good quality, though not suitable for my need. Supplier did not question that as I had sent clear explanation. They accepted return to UK and agreed credit promptly though it took a week to reach my account.
Advice : pay by CREDIT card (not DEBIT)


6 months ago

SCAM! Do not buy from these.
Pretent to be UK based with warehouses in Italy and Germany. Yet from China. Give fake tracking numbers which never get updated. I ordered 拢800 lights 6 weeks ago after being promised them within 2 weeks. They fob you off via email and have no phone number. They also lied and told me the carrier was parcel force, when I checked it wasnt. Ive claimed a refund (chargebank) via my bank. This website needs taking down!!!


7 months ago

Ordered 5 lights, three separate designs. Three of the lights arrived relatively quick but the remaining 2 never showed. There tracking is a joke and not fit for purpose. After numerous emails they refunded for the two missing lights. These two lights were in white and I cannot find the same ones anywhere else so I鈥檓 really disappointed. I will never order from this company again as our experience has been nothing short of shambolic


7 months ago

Can only agree with all other comments..ordered 3 lights …1st come undamaged after 15 days…second came totally wrecked after 20 days…3rd item has been in Chinese postage system for 20 days…been trying to get a refund they just say they are in transit …total joke…con artists…WATCHDOG here I come


7 months ago

This is an awful company. It's a scam. I ordered three lights, one turned up about 6 weeks later and the other two never arrived. I recieved a refund for the two that didn't arrive but now I have one light that I can't use. AVOID


7 months ago

This is a total scam. I ordered a number of items from their Instagram advert and almost two months later one item was cancelled for no reason, refund promised and never received and the others have tracking numbers that never update. I spoke to both ParcelForce and DPD and they say that the tracking indicates that a label was created but the items have never been received by a courier and must still be in China. Finally one item arrived with no instructions or power cable. They eventually set me a photo of what's supposed to be done which is nothing like what they advertise on the website and I still can't make it work. They have no telephone number to call and they reply to emails sporadically with messages palming you off to wait longer. One over a month ago said that the item was already in the UK but ParcelForce say neither they nor their counterparty in China have never received a package. I have asked for my money back but they don't respond.


7 months ago

Ordered 2 wall lights which had a about a week order date. Finally arrived nearly 2 months later to find the wrong colour lights and they were absolute rubbish. I have emailed to say they are wrong and want refund but no reply. Don鈥檛 not order anything from this site EVER!


8 months ago

Disaster. Shame I can't give -5 stars. I placed an order and asked to cancel it within 48hrs just to be told it is impossible as it was shipped. 45 days passed and still no item. Customer service is as good as talking to a tree in the woods. Keep providing me with different tracking numbers none of which is real.


9 months ago

This site is a complete scam. Avoid! We bought two lights, eventually a box arrived literally held together with wood and tape and containing something we did not order. We let the seller know immediately and cancelled our existing order as we realised this was clearly some sort of online racket. Never got a response from seller so eventually Amex had to reverse the charge. Decoramo refuse to confirm how we can return the item they sent so will probably get rid. Save yourself some pain, these guys are fraudsters.


10 months ago

This site is a scam. No customer service. It is run out of a flat in South London according to its address. The reviews are fake and the client images stock. We've been sent the wrong product and there is no response to our email.


10 months ago

Ordered a light on 6 March still not here.
Just so people are aware – this is a local Chinese manufacturer that made a website pretending to be a UK shop.
Nothing is based in UK and all shipping comes from China by standard mail hence over 30 day wait.
Customer service reply every two days only by email.


11 months ago

Ordered an item that was meant to be delivered after 10 days. 30 days later still nothing. Customer service tells me that they won't accept a cancellation or refund due to items being in "transit". 40 days later still nothing.

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