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1 month ago

So on Jan. 1st, I purchased a Duvet Cover set from them online. A few minutes later I found the same set a whole $100 cheaper by the way (they are ripping people off). I chatted with a rep. from Decor Lane and told them I changed my mind and would like a refund. The rep. said no problem we will issue you a refund. I thanked him/her and saved the chat. (No save feature btw, I just always save conversations). In the mean time I purchase the duvet set from someone else. Anyway on Jan. 5th still no refund so I e-mail the company along with a copy of the chat. They email me back and say it's a 10% restocking fee so we can't give you a full refund. I explain that if you refer back to the chat between myself and your representative, the rep. made no mention of a restocking fee, and I had I know about that I could have made a different decision. They then offered 5%. I again pointed to the e-mail explaining that the original conversation I had with the their rep said nothing of a fee and that I don't think that it is fair, because I did not know. A manager then e-mailed me back saying that they would take a loss and they prefer me to take the loss. Unbelievable! The manager said she read the chat and the rep. never said she would offer me a full refund, just a refund. So now she trying to split hairs with me. If a person said they are going to give you a refund and make no disclosure of fees, one would assume a full refund. Full blow con-artist they are. So I disputed the charge with PayPal and am currently waiting on them to be the judge. All of this back and forth over $14. It's the principle of it at this point. They have wasted more employee time on this than $14 can cover. Stay away! Also, why did I have to e-mail in the first place after I talked to the representative on chat? Were they just going to not give me a refund and think I would just forget about it?

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