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11 months ago

Do not do any business with this Crook. The company is a Scam. All they want is your hard earn money without providing any services.


10 years ago

if you just added an item to your cart, they will email you daily none stop to check out the item! after you remove the item from the cart and told them to stop emailing which violates the internet spam law, I actually got an email says "BLOW ME" and still receive the email daily, this definitely will get them in trouble according to my lawyer.

I am going through the insulting email and spam regulation with my lawyer, and will file a complain first and initiate a case with my lawyer.



10 years ago

Well mine is a short story. Put through an order at After a few days of not hearing back i thought it was a bit strange so did a search and found this website. I promptly cancelled my credit card to avoid the charge going through. Tony the absolute gem that he is has advised me I'm going to collections…lol What an idiot. Thanks for all your reviews guys. You def saved me a whole lot of trouble


10 years ago


PLEASE….let be reasonable.

I picked your business because of your claims on your website that you can fix just about any broken frame….even plastic at reasonable prices. Also your promise that the fixed frames would be returned in 10 days. All very good offers….but not really honored.

Since I mailed my sunglasses to you I have got emails from you saying:

"We are reattaching arms on both of your items. A technician will contact you shortly"

"Thanks for your repair order. We have some bad news.
We would like to let you know that we are unable to fix this item.
Due this situation we would like to offer you a $20 DISCOUNT on a brand new frame. If this is an optical frame we would like to offer to do your prescription for 25% OFF. Please call me so we can discuss our options.
Your item will be shipped back to you tommorow if I don't hear from you"

Then I get emails from you saying I must pay $12 to get my frames back. Absolutely nowhere on your repair website does it list this hefty return charge.

I shipped my frames(2 pair) to you USPS with delivery confirmation for a total cost of $2.26. To hold my frames hostage to shipping charges of $12 is really unfair.

You did not fix my frames or contact me within the 10 day promise turn around time. Both unfulfilled promises you made on your website. This has not been a pleasant experience dealing with you. Especially when I have contacted you to negotiate the return of my frames only to be insulted with emails calling me "bozo" "bafoon" and threats you will "Discard" my frames.

I have sent you a pre-paid USPS label to send my frames back. I simply ask you place the label on you box and drop it in the mail.


10 years ago

I sent a pair of Christian Dior prescription sunglasses to have the frames repaired. The website requires you to pay for return shipping when you send your glasses to them (I also paid to ship the glasses to them). The website assures you that you will receive an estimate by email with a link to approve the estimate and pay for the repairs or they will return you glasses to you. After a month I sent an email asking for status; I received a canned response saying a technician would contact me. No technician contacted me. Sent another email a month later, same canned response; no technician contacted me. Sent another email 2 days ago asking for status on my glasses or have them returned to me. I said that if I did not hear back within 24hours I was going to post on the Internet how bad this experience had been. I actually got a response asking why I had not contacted them before and what kind of glasses had I sent. I got a second email that stated this very nasty information "Kate will call you tomorrow.
BTW : you don't scare me and with those kinds of threats do you think I would think twice about urinating all over your frame and then returning it?
Common I have your glasses in MY POSSESION do not $#*! with me".

PLEASE, Do Not Ever use this website.


10 years ago

Misleading advertising -they say they'll recreate the same lenses or crystals for your frames, but don't believe it. Glass lenses? polarized? Nope. you'll get back cheap plastic lenses regardless of what you request, and they won't tell you any different


10 years ago

In April, 2010, I sent two pairs of glasses to with a check for $14.95 to have the temples of both pairs of glasses replaced. Four weeks later, my credit card was billed $198, and I received both pairs of glasses back. One pair was sunglasses, the other, a spare pair of glasses. Within two weeks, after wearing the spare pair of glasses a couple of times, when I picked the glasses up, the temple broke in my hand in the same exact place as before. I called customer service, and first the lady offered me a discount to get new frames. I told her I had already spent $99 to get the temples on my glasses replaced, but the weld had only lasted for a couple of wearings. She suggested I return them with a letter telling the repair shop to fix them right and replace the temples as I was billed. After they had had my glasses for another month, I called customer service again looking for my glasses. She promised to have them out by the end of the week – still no glasses as promised. I received them back the next week – welded again, no new temples as I had been charged.
I called customer service again threatening an online review about their fraudulent billing for "replacement temples". She told me to choose any glasses on the site at no charge. I chose a pair, and, at her instruction, emailed her the choice I had made and offering to pay for RX lenses. She sent me a message back, that she would give me the frame for $100 off, and the lenses for half price. Another $400 investment to replace my glasses over and above the $99 for "replacement of the temples" that were never replaced but welded on my original $450 glasses.

I would not recommend this site to anyone. They had my glasses for two months and still did not replace the temples as charged – just welded them twice. They never contacted me to let me know they were going to weld them. Then they reneged on the free pair offered to replace my glasses.

Billing me for replacement temples when they were welded constitutes fraud.


10 years ago

It's sad that I feel a sense of comfort reading all the other reviews. I honestly thought my interaction with Tony Russo, albeit profane and criminal, was an anomaly.

Looks like what happen to me, happen to a lot of people. Not much to add to the below, my story is written over and over, but I can add that he flat out told me he was a scam-artist, that I was a sucker for buying from him. He also told me it's him and his wife in an apartment in Brooklyn, that his repair shop is him and crazy glue!

Sure, I lost money, and endured verbal abuse, but the time I spent trusting this company's claims and services is what makes me livid. My only hope is that other consumers check sites like this out and see what a scam decormyeyes is.


10 years ago

Stay FAR away from this site. I sent in a pair of RayBans for repair and the company STOLE my glasses lenses and replaced them with plastic ones. After calling the owner "Tony Russo" I was verbally abused, but was finally able to come to an agreement that he would send me new, authentic sunglasses after I sent back what he had returned to me. This was a mistake, even though we had a written agreement, the man now refuses to send anything back to me. HE STOLE FROM ME and I have every reason to believe that he will RE-SELL my sunglasses to someone else so that he can make a profit off of me. He admits to all of this in an email conversation with him. Do not try to converse with this man over the phone. The dialogue goes no where. He has a lot of words spilling out of his mouth, but none of them really make any sense. He will lie to anyone to irrationalize what he wants to get. I also want to mention that he really hates it when people call their banks to make a claim. Apparently, his bank charges him $35 every time…. That really makes him mad. But I'm not letting him steal my money too!

After reading other consumer advocacy websites like this one and reading It is my personal belief that "Tony Russo" has many aliases. He used to go by "Stanly Bolds" and now calls himself Tony, but I believe there are several others as well. ALSO, I'm fairly certain that he creates new Internet sunglass businesses all the time. There are many, many out there and he is the "mastermind" behind them. Some of these companies don't have many reviews yet, and I think that he, or someone close to him, writes the positive reviews for him. I do not want the man to get away with this… Before buying from any Internet Sunglass business, I recommend thoroughly researching the company before purchasing.


10 years ago

Scammer and a con artist. Thank god i did not send my money. I simply inquired about a pair of glasses. Something didn't seem right, so I checked with the BBB and noticed they had an "F" rating. I received a harrassing email from Tony Russo, aka Stanley Bolds, aka Vito Borker, calling me a "retard" and a "faggit" (sic). The man has never met me. BEWARE getting involved with this company. The guy should be committed.


11 years ago

Like many others i too wish i had read these reviews. I regret buying from this company, I went through the process of ordering glasses through the website. I ordered Hoya 1.74 high index lenses thinking i would receive high quality thin lenses. Whene i received my order i was shocked to see how thick they where. The last time i wore lenses so thick it was in 1974. I have been to several optometrists that have verified these are not what i ordered and paid for. I have contacted them but they will not take any responsibility and will not help me in any wa. This company mislead me. What to do?


11 years ago

this is the email I got when he did not fedex my pkg….Then expect shit to come LATE and don鈥檛 hound me

I did nothing wrong we tried it was boxed up time was spent and I offered you a discount.

You are the kind of customer who deserves to be punched in the head I hate people like you.

So he gets the present 2-3 days later what鈥檚 the big fucking deal? Jesus christ who cares get him a card and say sorry it will be here Monday

He should be happy mom is alive and not dead fuck the presents only health is important.. You are just RETARDED!! With a capital R
judge yourself!!


11 years ago

Sent in my glasses to repair. They were expensive. Mr. Bolds was obnoxious and this is one of the worst rip offs of all time!!! Do not do business with this company. They are not responsible and his exact statement was "This is NYC, you don't send expensive glasses to NY!" "What were you thinking". When he found my glasses after 3 months he said they had repaired the lenses, which i didn't ask for and wanted me to pay for them. He never returned my glasses. I am shocked they are still in business!!!!!!!!!


11 years ago

Please read all the other reviews on this company they are all over the internet for very good reason. They are scam merchants. My story is almost unbelievable. They charged me $100 for fixing hinges on sunglasses. After negotiation they dropped this to $45. When the sunglasses were returned to me they hadn't been repaired. When I threatened to challenge the charges with the credit card company Tony Russo agreed to carry out the repairs for free. Once the glasses were sent back he refused to do anything until I gave him a check for the full cost of repair. He was so delighted to have conned me he even told me so. I let him keep the broken glasses as I just wouldn't be prepared to hand that man any money ataall. Please read the other reviews on line. The stories may differ in the detail but the overall gist is that these people are scammers and thieves and unpleasant ones at that. They have been abusive to customers and are guilty of harrasment. The step open to all of us affected by this company is to speak with the Attorney General of NY stae,it's easy to do as 311 can connect you to the office 9am to 5pm. If they make personal threats via phonecall or email then contact the police. If everyone acts together they will be stopped.


11 years ago

this company has fraud written all over it. I don't want to go into detail about my story but i would like to inform anyone who's thinking about buying glasses from this company….. DON'T DO IT! I had purchased some glasses, they were not what I wanted. I wanted to send them back so I called customer service to get an earful of how much of a piece of shi** I am and I will not be getting a full refund. Reported it to my bank…. cha ching all problems solved, until last week. I received a personal phone call from "Tony Russo" owner of the company and he said that he's going to drag me down the street and kill me. Made a report to the FBI. This guy has no idea on how to run a business and I hope people look into this company before buying.


11 years ago

I think their sales team STINKS!


11 years ago

This company has a reputation for selling your credit card information! It happened with mine, they sold it to some sleazebag on so he could gamble with my credit card! When I called my credit card company to report the fraudulent activity, they informed me that decormyeyes is currently under investigation for this!!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!


11 years ago

I purchased an item, Dior Boudoir from on the 27th of February 2009 as a gift. I paid extra for gift wrapping which turned out to be UPS brown packing paper.
A minor detail, however as I incurred a loss financially I find this unacceptable. I contacted my seller Stanley about this and the response I received was abrasive and barely literate, at which point I requested not to be contacted again apart from details of the complaint procedure, to which I never received the courtesy of a reply.

I later discovered that the official Dior website priced the very same glasses approximately 拢20 cheaper than those listed on (the current exchange rate does not affect this). This came as a surprise, as decormyeyes claim to offer discounted prices,

I took this up with an online customer service adviser, in an instant messenger available directly from the website, by the name of Lindsey. Despite me providing her with the link and showing her the difference in price, in addition to pointing out the fact that the actual Dior sunglasses contained a Swarowski crystal and apparently could not see the difference. I also pointed out that their site claimed to sell authentic products with relevant documentary evidence in the form of an authenticity certificate. I pointed out that this was not received by the recipient. Nothing to resolve the issue. She then abruptly ended the conversation, re-directing me to her manager, giving me an international telephone number.

I then e-mailed sales at and provided them with full details of the conversation and my complaint. The response I got was sub-par and automated. It did nothing to resolve the issue and despite being directed to a supervisor or manager as instructed by the Customer Services representative, the person I received a response from was indeed the person I was making the initial complaint about in addition to the price discrepancy, being none other than my seller, Stanley Bold!

Upon further e-mail correspondence I decided to phone the so-called manager at the London I called the London office and spoke to a lady named Melissa who took down the details and informed me that the manager was out and would call me shortly. This manager is the sales rep, Stanley Bold. Despite me requesting that he contact me on my mobile phone, I made a call to him upon which I was put on hold.

I then spoke to him (or rather, was verbally abused and shouted at). He did not listen to a single word I said, or tried to say and hurled racist, derogatory, threatening and offensive abuse to me despite my attempts at keeping the matter civilized and professional, the point at which he told me to 鈥渟hut the fuck up鈥?and that 鈥淓ngland was a weird little country鈥?and he 鈥淒oesn鈥檛 know how we do things here鈥?and 鈥淒oesn鈥檛 care鈥?

At this point I terminated the call. Initially I wanted a refund, however at this point in time I am more concerned as to preventing people from using this website, as it is obvious the merchandise therein is fake, counterfeit, the website falsely advertises their merchandise as being authentic when in fact it is mere cheap knock-offs and the staff are abusive and unhelpful.

Since the telephone conversation did nothing in the way of resolving this issue, I put the various points in my complaint in writing including reference to the Consumer Goods Act 1972 whereby I should be entitled to a refund without having to pay an re-stocking fee in addition to the dispute over the authenticity of the item.

I then received an e-mail threatening the recipient of my purchase and their business address to the effect of: 鈥淣EVER INSULT ME THIS WAY AGAIN AND TELL ME THE ITEMS I SELL ARE NOT AUTHENTIC OR I WILL CALL [the business] AND CAUSE SUCH A PROBLEM AT YOUR DAUGHTERS OFFICE THAT YOU WILL NEVER KNOW HOW TO GET OUT OF IT.


This further exemplifies the illiterate, unprofessional, aggressive and abusive sub-human cretin that Stanley Bold is.

In conclusion, I hope that this complaint reaches you before this obvious con artist deprives you of your hard earned cash! I will however be taking this as far as possible in order to get this man and his products recognized for what they are 鈥?fraudulent and dishonest, both for the US and the UK.


12 years ago

I ordered a pair of Dior frames from Decormyeyes on the 22nd January 2009. I have received absolutely disgusting customer service from this company and would like to warn potential customers away from making any purchases via this site. The site specifically promises that there will be no additional custom fees, duties or taxes to pay on items, and I requested and received further assurance of this via email. However I have had to pay an extra 拢30 over and above the cost of my order on…custom fees, duties and taxes. I immediately took this up in a polite manner with the Customer Services team and have been utterly amazed at the general rudeness of these people. In fact, I don鈥檛 think I would be overstating the situation if I said that I have been outright lied to in order to make a sale. Despite written assurances that they would refund the additional cost if I were to accept delivery of the frames and make the customs payment, I have since been told by the ownder of the company himself, who seems to handle all complaints, that it is not their problem after all and that "sitting in his New York office, he really doesn't care"! I was subjected to verbal abuse over the phone, told that I did not deserve the frames, not allowed to finish one sentence and eventually forced to put the phone down to stop him shouting abuse at me! I have since discovered one shocking review after another on the internet, some so ridiculously appalling I have laughed out loud, and wish I had come across these before. I have not bothered to keep fighting to resolve this as 拢30 is not worth the insanity of dealing with the Manager of this company.

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