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3 years ago

A trustworthy site for investigative journalism that does not rely on advertising or monetization of user data for its revenue. In their privacy policy they proclaim to only collect user data that they are legally required to store or data that is essential for running the site. Apart from New Relic (which I personally prefer to block through NoScript) and the occasional YouTube, Vimeo or Soundcloud embed there are no third-party (tracking) scripts running on the website. They make very clear that they take your privacy very seriously and do all they can to minimize data collection. They are a shining exception in an industry that is increasingly moving in the wrong direction.

The site is not intended for children and frequently covers topics like war, violence, drugs and sex so be cautious in that respect.

De Correspondent often features opinions and perspectives that you may not agree with and that might offend or shock you. Well, that's life. Deal with it.

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