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4 months ago

Can't praise this company highly enough. I ordered 4 rolls of wallpaper from their website and found their price cheaper per roll than big companies. They arrived about 2 days later, exactly as described.

I did not use one of the rolls so sent back for a refund, which again was speedy and with no quibbles.

If only large companies were this efficient.

Well done!


2 years ago

I didn't realise until now. I bought from this company on ebay and waited and waited for the item to arrive. Contacted Decorsave twice and the person that got back to me was offhand. They blamed Hermes for not getting back to them with info. I cancelled the order and got a refund after raising and action through Ebay! I can't believe I now find myself in the same position again with them, only this time on Amazon. I didn't realise they sold goods on there too. Item was supposed to be delivered by sign! I ordered on the 29th of September this time.Told it would arrive between 5th and 6th of October 2018…still nothing. Message now to will be late and if I don't hear anything by Thursday… which is the 11th, then get in touch? What the hell is going on, it can't be that difficult to send 1 roll of wallpaper out to someone. Same thing seems to be happening that did the first time too. When I track the item….doesn't seem to be moving from it's starting point from 8 days ago. Are they not paying Hermes. I'm getting in touch with Amazon about this! Ridiculous! I will Never use this company again! Useless!


3 years ago

Telephoned today with an enquiry…..the gentleman I spoke to was very rude and put the phone down whilst I was in the middle of talking…..I had two questions to ask….I hadn't even bought anything at this point so I wasn't even complaining….you answered one question and just put the phone down.

It's quite simple….listen when a potential customer telephones….god help me if I had actually bought something and I had a problem….I fear that there wouldn't be any chance of resolving any issues with yourselves if something was faulty/damaged.

You lost a sale today…all you had to do was be polite on the phone and not actually slam it down whilst I was talking.


4 years ago

Despite providing photographs of two rolls of hung wallpaper that had the same batch numbers but obviously did not match and photographs of the batch labels Decorate are still asking for original labels to be posted to them and delaying refund.
Very poor customer service in my opinion


5 years ago

brought 3 item on eBay on Saturday by Monday they posted refund with not even telling me why? and to send an email asking why come up with some stupid answer that computer system whet wrong it a week and still i have no money back.t this is one if the worst company Ive ever dealt with steer clear disgusting behavior i will never buy from this shady trader again….k

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