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2 years ago

"Bad Motor" – bgood2 VERIFIED CUSTOMER
We just purchased a used 2006 Dodge Dakota. Decozen called and pursued us after we stated that we were not interested in this truck for various issues.

Decozen's management stated that the dealership would correct the engine lights and all the outstanding codes, including replacing the radiator, battery and thermostat for the set price we offered. We agreed as long as everything was corrected to Dodge's specifications on repairs and workmanship. Note: We agreed to replacing the brakes and correct the oil pan.

1) Repairs were not done and does not conform to standard mechanical procedures.
Specifically, radiator was supposed to be replace. Unit had dents in it and fastened with cable ties.
Transmission cooler was not even secured, just laying on the bottom of splash pan and no air circulation for cooling.
2) Not informed of engine issues. Copper sealant fluid was added to new radiator and thermostat.
3) Not informed of engine over-heating. Engine has redline on temp gauge.
4) 8 codes were not corrected or even address. Example- O2 sensor, low voltage shortage etc.
5) A new Battery was installed, but obvious wiring short at battery terminal. Fuse coming off battery terminal was burnt and melted.

These items were never addressed, corrected to standard industrial procedures.

I have called the company three times with no one returning my call to address the issues, including a complete write-up of service performed.


4 years ago

The worst customer service ever. There was a recall on my 200c took it to Decozen never again. How do you question a customer about why they brought their vehicle to you? Because its closer than where i should have taken it totally my fault. Just fix what i ask you to and give me my keys, yes my windshield washer fluid light was on and my change oil light came on. So because i declined for them to fix it he asked me why did i bring it to Decozen. Because i wanted to but i will never ever again. I can add windshield fluid myself and DOUGLAS VOLKSWAGEN in Summit NJ they have awesome service will change my oil for free thank you very much…. You get no Decozen


5 years ago

I went to Decozen to inquire about leasing a new 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. I was working with a very professional salesman by the name of George who knows members of my family and also other close friends of mine. He was nothing but professional and clearly presents himself that way at all times. We were negotiating what they were giving me for my 2010 Range Rover and George had to go discuss this with the owner Jerry Cerino. Mr. Cerino came back with a Galves book and stated to me that "my vehicle depreciated another $500 in just 30 days" and I asked him "what the Galves ready price was." He said, "nobody give Galves ready for a vehicle." I replied they most certainly do when the vehicle is in the condition that mine is," and he told me to get the "F" out of his dealership right in front of the salesman George Labrunda. I immediately replied to Mr. Cerino "that was the most unprofessional choice of words that any owner could ever say to a customer." Mr. Cerrino needs a lesson in customer relationship management and is clearly the most unprofessional dealership owner that I have ever encountered. I am following up with a letter to Chrysler to let them know how their brand is being represented in the market. There were other people in the showroom with children and I hope they heard that comment and left immediately. Do yourself favor and type in DeCozen Chrysler Dodge Jeep Reviews and enjoy the reading.


6 years ago

Let me start by saying if I could give negative stars, I would. I was having issues with my car last year January so I took it to this dealership. They said nothing was wrong with it and gave me the car back. That very same day, I noticed the same issue with my car but since, they said it was ok, I did not take it back. Several months passed and my issue was getting worse, so I took my car back to the dealership. My husband had to get the repair guy in the car with him and drive it so he could understand that something was wrong with the car. They kept my car for over 3 weeks, during which we kept calling for status updates only to be left on hold for lengthy periods of time and then be told, they are working on it. BS! After calling the corporate Dodge, finally we got a loaner. A week later, they said the car was fixed and give it back to me. Guess what?! 2 months after that, the check engine light comes on my car, so I take it back to the dealership. After 2 weeks, they tell me it's fixed and give me back the car. 2 Days later, the check engine light comes on again so, again, I take it back to the dealer. they keep my car for about a week and then say it's fixed. THE VERY NEXT MORNING, my check engine light goes on AGAIN!!!!!!!! Should I mention that I paid over $300 because they said the transmission fluid needed to be replaced.

So now, I am beyond livid and I do not trust this dealership because clearly, they are not fixing my car. My car still had the check engine light on so I decided to go to a different dealership. The one in Jersey City. They make an appointment 2 weeks away from the date I called. We take the car there Tuesday at 11 am on January 13th. It took them a week to actually look at the car. They tell us it's an issue with the transmission and they have to figure out if it needs to be replaced or re-built. Guess what?!!! I am still waiting. Now after, numerous phone calls and yelling, they say, they are going to look at it Wednesday and let me know what needs to be done. During this whole time, they have not provided a loaner. Corporate Dodge is saying they are waiting for a full diagnostic to be able to review and approve a loaner or rental and I am taking public transportation in the freezing cold while paying for a vehicle that I do not have access to.

This is the ABSOLUTE WORST company to deal with. NEVER purchase a vehicle from these people and NEVER take your car there to be serviced unless you want to wait weeks for it to never be fixed.

Let me end by saying this, I am ok with leaving my car at the dealership for an extended period of time if that is what is needed. At the end of the day, I want a reliable vehicle. But, if that is required, I should be given a loaner. Furthermore, don't make an appointment to service a vehicle when you aren't actually going to look at the car on the date of the appointment. It makes absolutely no sense. And most importantly, if it is standard practice to make an appointment but not actually look at the vehicle for a week, you should INFORM the customer. I have never been subjected to such poor customer service. If I provided this kind of poor customer service and lack of communication to my customers, I would be fired.


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