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3 years ago

This 'company' claims to have a team of leaflet distributors in the Manchester area.
I used them to deliver 20,000 leaflets which I had sent to his address. It turns out that he is a one man band and after only delivering 4000 of my leaflets he did a disappearing act. I could not get hold of him and after 2 months I used a different phone to which he answered.
I asked if I could collect the remaining 16,000 leaflets from him and he started to get very aggressive on the phone and told me I belittled people because I wanted specific areas leafleted and I wanted to know the names of the roads that had been delivered to so I could do a back check.
He also told me to pay once I was satisfied but never invoiced me and then told me I wasn't getting my leaflets back until I paid up which was a whole 拢20.00.
I asked him to invoice me and I would then get someone to come and collect the leaflets and at the same time pay him in cash. He again got very aggressive on the phone and then after the call was finished texted me a nasty message saying to forget the money as he was 'dumping' my leaflets.
In other words he had already dumped my leaflets weeks ago!
A total conman who's business is a sham.
Do not use him. There is no team of people or warehouse that appears on his website making it look like a huge operation.
He stole my leaflets and I am now out of pocket.
He promises the Earth and doesn't deliver.

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