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8 months ago

These guys are scammers period. They are selling counterfeit seeds. When I approached them about my findings and I asked for a resolution they just said 鈥渆ff you, you effing loser鈥?br />
Do not buy from them! Any information on the owners or whereabouts will be rewarded.


10 months ago

Placed a order Easter Sunday 2020, monday morning was giving a tracking number, canada post says will be here Wednesday. Had email convos with Victoria who mentioned certain flavor vape cartridges were sold out and suggested other flavors to fulfill my 5 cartridge order. If all goes well with my orders will be a steady/permanent client.

Will follow up Wednesday with order


11 months ago

I sent them my e-transfer last night, they accepted it @ 5:39am it is now 12:13am the next day still no tracking number … I will update when I know if they ripped me off or if I receive my order

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