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8 months ago

I didn't used to use Deliveroo; started on the other camp because of the charging model that Deliveroo adopts.
However, having used it extensively (I order ~10 times a week) since COVID, I can say that it works pretty well. There are mishaps, yes; usually because of an inexperienced delivery guy. But (1) the food arrives 99.9% of the time for me of which mostly on time and/or earlier, and (2) when it's not heading over I usually know in the first couple of minute after ordering, and (3) if I have serious doubts there is a hotline AND a chat (i think – not familiar with the latter as i have had not problems for months. The hotline works though.).

By the way that one star was scratched off because they don't have my favourite restaurants. And still I'm using them instead of the alternative. Doesn't that tell you a lot?


9 months ago

ive always had good experience with deliveroo. my order always arrives quickly and never have a problem with orders missing or nothing. had one grumpy deliver driver once thats it. but he isnt the company so 5 stars from me


9 months ago

Awful company procedures in place for when things go wrong. Unbelievable that you still expect me to pay when you cannot deliver / provide the service you charged me for. And when I complain you offer me an insulting HKD20 credit to my account.
How about sorry we f&*ked up? How about – here's a full refund??

I'm now contacting my bank to reject the charge on my card (since I got nothing for my money). You will in turn have to pay the fees. No idea why your team want to proceed in this way??

You'll never get my business again, and I'll be sure to tell everyone I know that you're crooks.


1 year ago

The pizza we ordered arrived dead cold – sent a complaint to Deliveroo.
They apologized but didn't do anything to compensate for their bad service.
Worst customer service ever, will never order again.


1 year ago

In my experience, by far the best food delivery service in Hong Kong. Usually on time or early delivery. If late it's usually only by 15-20 mins max. The few times an order was incorrect, they ordered a full refund or voucher. The only downside is their delivery fees are a bit more expensive, and they only accept credit card payment. Other than that, they are far superior to Foodpanda.

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