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7 months ago

Awful service..

Driver could not find my house, it said received on the app and took my money. I never received my food or the 鈧?0 euro refund. The customer care team keep ending my calls and continuously saying I will not get a refund. I Will NEVER use there company again!!!


8 months ago

So here's a story about Deliveroo service in Dublin City centre.
It was taking long, so I checked the app only to find a note "customer didn't show up"…
Well, I didn't realise that
A. We had to wait outside in the rain
B. Delivery guy wouldn't call my mobile
Hopeful it was just a misundetstanding as I had no missed calls, I tried reaching out to Customer Service only to find out that:
1. This is not the level of service they aim to provide
2. They are very sorry
3. The delivery person indeed did not call me
3. My feedback has been noted and will be used to enhance their level of service
4. There's nothing else they can do
5. In cases like this, where the customer doesn't show up the food is given away to the homeless.
Then they ended the chat without any notice despite me not being done with them.
After hours of online chatting and waiting on hold on the phone, they finally agreed to let me speak with a manager. With the caveat though "My manager will tell you exactly the same…"
The manager having listened to my complaint agreed to make an exception and made a new order.
No compensation for the loss of time, waste of Saturday evening, nerves and keeping us hungry for hours.
Ever happened to anyone else?


8 months ago

As a business owner that I鈥檝e signed to partner up I totally regret I鈥檝e done it . Beware , riders often keep the food or giving it away to someone else , chances are you鈥檒l never get your order delivered and if you do , expect painfully long delays . There鈥檚 no honesty within this company , no customer service , no ethics , no support ….nothing . I can鈥檛 understand how come they鈥檙e thriving on people鈥檚 superficiality, they get support in Ireland like nowhere else . This bunch shouldn鈥檛 be in business they don鈥檛 deserve it . Not to mention that they charge businesses 30 % + vat for a service they often never provide . Absolute dissatisfaction and disappointment with this crowd . We just walked away from them 3 weeks into it , they鈥檙e embarrassing….so bad you won鈥檛 believe it ….


8 months ago

This company has no responsibility I paid more I did not receive my dish I lost my money.


8 months ago

I order a dish from Musashi after 15 min I got a message in the Deliveroo app and it says that the driver couldn't find my address and try to called me…. I never got a missed phonecall from the driver. Than I could see that the driver changed the status and said it was delivered, but I never received my order! I will never order again from Deliveroo. I talked with the customer service Pamela and she was very helpful and friendly and gave me the refund back asap


8 months ago

Deliveroo employ crooked drivers who do not deliver the food that is ordered .
The people who work for them are not trustworthy


9 months ago

Ordered food for 7 people. 6 got delivered. No re file very. No compensation. Just refund. Never again . Customer service a disaster.


9 months ago

Horrible horrible and just horrible. Did I say horrible customer services? Ordered from Bunsen's in Dublin. Order was just incorrect. The toppings I had requested and had placed to begin with. Delivery rider can't follow instructions. Submitted for a refund. Taking forever and poor customer services handling. Contacted Bunsen and they're of little help or don't care. Hell, it's their business. They better care! Never again. It is a huge waste of efforts. Just go pick up the food on your own to get it right. Stupid delivery services.


9 months ago

I placed an order from a local sushi restaurant via Deliveroo on a recent Saturday Night

30 mins later I got a call from the 鈥榙river鈥?telling me they had arrived, I told them i was on the way to meet them
.. I went to the front of my building and no sign of the Driver

I tried to call the number that had called me be but got no answer

Called the restaurant..they didn't want to know ..said it was a Deliveroo problem

When I eventually got through to Deliveroo they at first declined to help and refund my order because had received a phone call.. I had to argue with them for 20 minutes , they checked and discovered something as wrong because they changed their tune and processed a refund

support was totally unsatisfactory, a refund was no value to me 90 minutes after I ordered my meal
..ended up eating toast for Saturday night dinner

To make things worse I eventually received a 2.50 credit on my account

2.50 to be used against future orders..What an Insult!
I don't think so!, Never again, support your
local business by collecting, at least they don't pay commission in you terrible customer experience.


10 months ago

If I could give no stars I would. Beyond terrible. Have left 3 times without giving food and customer service are terrible. Tried to chat them and 3 different operaters asked me the same question 3 times without any help offered. They left our food in the rain outside before in a neighbours garden. Will never use ever again. Not reliable at all


10 months ago

Not a review of such, but just to point out I was driving through town the other day, to get out of the house before the lockdown and saw about 12 drivers all within inches of each other beside o connell Bridge, so much for social distancing


11 months ago

Every deliveroo cyclist In dublin does not stop at red traffic lights , Why is this ? They are putting themselves and others at risk , they need to be educated on traffic laws


1 year ago

Absolutely terrible app and even worse customer service. I made an order but realised instantly that my old address was on the order. I called the restaurant straight away but they told me I would have to contact deliveroo to change address. (Which is about half the distance from the restaurant I ordered from) When I called deliveroo the robotic customer service agent told me he would have to call the restaurant and would not listen when I told them I had just spoken to them. Then I was informed I had to call back when the order was picked up by the rider so they could then contact them to tell them the new address. When I followed these instructions and called back I was told that the rider had refused to take the new address and was now on the way to the wrong address despite knowing that it was wrong! This is a crazy service, surely a change of address should not cause so much hassle. I was charged for the meal which I never received and still have not been refunded. When I contacted customer service to ask about my refund they asked me for pictures of my missing order.

Long story short if anything goes wrong with your order you will not receive a refund and will have no help from customer service who are completely robotic and unhelpful. Oh and the rider might decide that they do not feel like delivering to your address! Will never use the service again


1 year ago

Ordered from Bojoom that uses the Deliveroo as provider. Is only 5 min driving from the office.
Food came stone cold and when talked with the deliveroo support first level and the supervisor was told that they cant do anything because the delivery came early under their SLA and thats it. I said ok but how do i know how was when was handed to the deliveroo driver …… and same reply …. delivery was under their SLA time …. waist of time and last time when ill order throw them.


1 year ago

If there was a no stars option I would choose that. For the third time in a row, we鈥檝e had issues with our delivery. The worst of it is this time they didn鈥檛 even tell us there was a problem, they just waited for us to contact them. Their customer service also continually lie about what has been done to rectify the problem so you can鈥檛 rely on your order arriving at all, not to mind on time. Then they offer you credit on your account as compensation but it鈥檚 not possible to be refunded in the same payment method.
Last time we received an incorrect order and this time the driver had an issue so our food was made again. This is a terrible waste of food also and is shameful.
A few years ago their service was better but these problems have all coincided with what seems to be a change of business plan and attempts to pay their drivers a pittance. I will not be using this service again


1 year ago

Once again the customer support has been terrible. I tried to cancel my order at when the delivery time doubled. There was 鈥?91 people waiting鈥?at the time and I got no reply to my 4 messages. I finally got a reply. After using chat for over 40 minutes, I got absolutely no resolution to the issue. They couldn鈥檛 cancel my order even though I had already walked to A shop and bought other food. Completely unacceptable and a waste of time, food and money. In terms of the customer support team 鈥渕y order arrived on time鈥? They offered no refund and no explanation as to why it took 20 minutes to reply to my message in the first place.


1 year ago

I made an order for some subway at 13:00, a few riders were assigned and they bailed and then the live chat support told be a rider was assigned and locked me out of the live chat. Awful company, with worse employees


1 year ago

I would rate this delivery company with 0 if I could.
I ordered 2 kebabs from Abrakebabra at 14:45. It was gradually late and then after an online chat with their support they gave me a 2.50 euro compensation.
But after an hour and a half of waiting for our food (which was estimated half an hour), our order got canceled.
That was meant to be our lunch for that day.
Even if we make a new order after this cancelation, who knows when it will be? It could already be dinner time.
I wanted to do another online chat with them, but it was closed for some reason so I wrote them an e-mail. And this is the response I got from them: "Hi,

It鈥檚 great to have your feedback.

We鈥檙e always looking at things we can do to improve the app 鈥?and make ordering as easy as possible, so thank you.

Here鈥檚 to food, glorious food.

Deliveroo Support"

This is very unprofessional from them. I won't use their app never again and would advise everyone I know about this as well.


2 years ago

I've been using deliveroo for a year ish. This week I got in touch with customer service twice both, over the phone and chat. Responsive, friendly and customer oriented service. My order was one hour late. I was arranged a new order and given a credit as a good gesture. I got put through the driver who apologized because my order was delivered to someone else by mistake. My second order has been dispatched on time. For future reference, make sure your order is traceable and reach out to chat soon if you need help, they're more than happy to help. I was very impressed by the way my query has been addressed straightforwardly. Well done!!


2 years ago

My wife ordered from a Sushi Restaurant in Dublin, Ireland. After about 35 minutes, we got a notification that our food was delivered. However, we had not received any text message, any phone call and there was nobody at the door.
We called customer service to see what could have happened, maybe the driver had the wrong address or something like that. No. They said he was at our house for 11 minutes and notified us. They say they have GPS to prove he was there but they wont give us the GPS coordinates, of our own house. We have been charged for the meal we never received. The only recourse is to write an email to the head of customer services and hope for a refund – I will never use deliveroo again. Terrible service!
We called their customer service 1 minute after the order was supposedly "delivered". They said that it looks like the food was delivered and that they can't do anything about it as it was a successful delivery and we didn't respond for 10 minutes. If they were a normal company, they could have phoned the driver to see what was happening, it could have been resolved simply. But no, the drivers cannot be contacted as they could be on another order apparently. The food will be given to homeless people or something like that as per the termss of their condition.
What I'm wondering is, what proof can Deliveroo provide that they were actually outside out home, and that they contacted us. I can provide proof that they never text or never called. Yet they will not listen to that argument, stating the order was delivered successfully purely because the driver said so. I wonder where our food actually ended up?

Update: a few days later deliveroo customer service called us back and refunded the cost. However, I still wouldn't recommend the service because this should have been resolved at the time. We called customer service 1 minute after the driver left our house. A normal delivery company could call the driver to tell him to return to the address or tell him that a complaint was received and respond to the complaint there and then, not 2 days later


2 years ago

Waited 20 mins for receiving an order that never actually arrived because the driver could not find the address indicated in the order (even after having spelled to him on the phone twice). Called the customer service and while i was on the phone my order was placed as delivered (even if i had never received it). Result: not only i didn't receive my delivery on time, i didn't receive it at all (when i asked where did my pizzas end up i got no reply) and I was late for an event i had scheduled. As the minimum Deliveroo could do, i got my order refunded and a voucher of 5 鈧?for the next order.
The customer service guy kept telling me "thanks for your understanding" while not giving me more information about why this happened, where my order end up and who was the rider. I don't think I am going to


3 years ago

more of a scam than a business. not trustworthy.
be advised, you pay upfront, but there is no guaranty for receiving any goods in return.
they do not reimburse, they do not take complaints, they do everything off record in chats, where they brush you off.
be very careful, the signs are of a business in decline. you are much better of with the local competitor EasiGrub. you pay them when you get the goods.


3 years ago

No review system for local suppliers. No photos of the menu options. Invalid contact email address in some places of the Contact us section. No answers to email feedbacks, after a month it was submitted.

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