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2 months ago

I decided to use Deliveroo one night after getting frustrated with their competitors. I have since requested Deliveroo delete my account due to their awful customer service.

It started when I placed an order for a KFC delivery; it got to the estimated delivery time and got a notification through the app to say it had been delivered. It hadn't been delivered – nobody had knocked, nobody had called and the meal wasn't left at the door etc.

I contacted the Deliveroo Live Chat and they apologised and re-ordered the meal for me.

Eventually the second order did arrive but within 5 minutes of getting it I had to contact the Live Chat again because it was lukewarm at best. They told me it was delivered in a thermal bag and was sealed. The delivery driver jumped out the car with the paper KFC bag. It was not within a thermal delivery bag (which I have seen with other competitors) and the bag was open at the top. I was told there is nothing they could do. I requested a refund which was refused – not even a partial refund was offered.

Not only did I have to wait twice as long but the meal was cold. If that was a restaurant, you would expect some sort of compensation for a below standard meal but Deliveroo couldn't seemingly care less. I made a formal complaint via email and it took them over two weeks to write back to me by which time it was too late.

Not good enough.

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