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5 months ago

I had generously been given 8 x $20 vouchers to Deliveroo by my employer. I loaded them into my account, and when I went to use them it seemed I had to spend them in whole vouchers …ie. it wanted to deduct $40 for a $24 transaction, showing zero balance remaining. I contacted Deliveroo and they agreed to remove the vouchers from my account, upon my request so I could use them one at a time. However now I can't add them back into the account, effectively the $160 has disappeared. After contacting them three times by email and three times by phone in the last two weeks, they have still not replied (other than new emails asking me to restate my problem!) or resolved the issue. This company has no customer service and zero ethics or morals. Will not be using in the future.


9 months ago

I have always been a big fan of deliveroo because I enjoy their clean application layout compared to the other delivery applications. However, after a number of failed deliveries, I decided to abandon their services. In my opinion, the biggest flaw with the Deliveroo is their system itself. For example, in my last order (for reals the LAST), I made an advanced delivery for my friend and because of the pin location issue (I suppose, they never informed me where did my food actually went) the food was not delivered. Not only was it not delivered, but the rider claimed to have delivered the food and just disappeared. I was not informed of the issue or what exactly happened with my order. When I contacted customer service, all they offered is a refund (They were unwilling/ refused/ unable to resend my order) and the customer service agent did not even bother to find out what happened with my order. As mentioned above, this is just one of the many times Deliveroo did not deliver my food. Other times include the restaurant 鈥渃losed鈥?and somehow my order is cancelled, etc. I realised that their delivery system/ application is very flawed because of these reasons: the pin location will not automatically shift to the location you typed in, you are unable to contact your rider until a certain time, the customer service is not keen to help you more than a refund (when it is definitely their fault), the system NEVER EVER updates the customer whenever there is an issue, restaurants always close at random timings, etc.

With other delivery options out there, eg. Food panda, grab food, or even buying your own food will be a much better and safer choice than Deliveroo. The 鈥淒鈥?in deliveroo stands for Disappoint.


10 months ago

Everything has turned up as expected


1 year ago

I was not able to answer the phone from the rider and after 14mins, he threw away the food to deliver other order. It鈥檚 my fault that I could not collect my order but I don鈥檛 like the company鈥檚 policy to THROW AWAW FOODS if the customer cannot pick it up. The rider should return the food to the restaurant.


1 year ago

Service is just terrible. Food is constantly late. Riders frequently decide to just "spill the food" because they don't want to deliver to your address. And when you contact customer service, they'll just repeat "we are sorry" and "thank you" like robots instead of offering you compensation for their riders' unprofessionalism and for your lost time. So sick of this company.


1 year ago

Four riders refused to collect my food from restuarant, an hour late and then they wont refund
My food was allocated to 4 different riders who didn't for some reason collect it and then left again repeatedly for an hour after the restaurant Leopold Gastrobar had made the meal. Of course by the time it arrived it had to be binned as it was completely cold having sat there for an hour. After complaining I was given $5 credit which is completely pointless having spent more than $30 on the meal.

Because Deliveroo could not be bothered to collect the meal it is purely their fault. Not the restaurant.

I have ask for my money back only to be told "I am really sorry if you felt that this is not enough. But I am hoping you do understand us that we are in the business that needs to be protected to. If all of the claims for cold food be fully refunded, what left in us is nothing. I do hope you understand us Chris"

No i don't understand. If you can't do your job you should not be in business. You messed up, reimburse the customer.

Get the below reply. Doing everything you can to avoid repaying the customers for your error. JUST PAY ME BACK


Amen (Deliveroo Singapore)

Mar 23, 23:59 GMT
Hi Chris,
Sorry as this take me some time to answer your email.
We're sorry about what you've experience on that day but unfortunately, $5.00 credit is the maximum amount we're able to provide you with regarding on your claim which is valid within 90 days. Once again, I am very sorry for the inconvenience caused for today.
If there is anything else I can help with, please let me know.
Kind regards,
Deliveroo Team


2 years ago

DELIVEROO SCAM: Worst service ever …. ordered food; they claim they could not contact and then just charged me 38 SGD for non-delivered food! Called customer service; asked for supervisor as the agent wasn't able to help … they promised to call me back, but did not receive any call!

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