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1 year ago

This is not an Italian Restaurant. It is a Muslim resturant, it is only halal meat. They don't care about unbelief. They taste old food and it tastes like mold. False food, fake coffee incredible that they are not shut down by the authorities.


1 year ago

Never use Deliveroo!

Yesterday I ordered food to my workplace since, during office hours, I don't have time to go out for food. The delivery guy stops (according to the map in the app) one block away from the written location and stays there. I tried to call the number of the deliverer three times. No answer. Then I get an email stating that the deliverer has waited for 15 minutes and that the order is cancelled.

Since money is taken from my bank account and a misconduct has been committed, I start emailing with a VERY rude customer service. They state that it is my fault that I did not meet up with the deliverer to pick up my food (even though he was 1 block away). When I say that I order food because I don't want to go out to get food, they redirect me to another, seemingly incompetent, customer service that says that there is nothing they can do.

I ordered food for 鈧?0 (also overpriced) and I didn't receive anything.

I recommend everyone to never(!) use this app or website and if you want to order food, use Glovo or another similar company.


2 years ago

I'm in Madrid yes they are rubbish, will walk to my restaurants to get the food myself if need be
I'm in Madrid, Spain and I used their service once recently. And it was an awful experience. I ordered a burger with extras and they never turned up. I phoned the restaurant and they said it wasn't their problem as Deliveroo had picked up the item. I had a missed call which rang only twice for 4 seconds so I couldn't reach it in time, I called back immediately and they never picked up. Phoning Deliveroo they claimed they had rang my door bell but no one had done so, I was in all the time waiting. I wrote an email requesting a refund as I had not received my food and they claimed no, the deliver called and I did not answer and they had GPS evidence of this, I wrote back stating that I had camera evidence that no one had rang my door bell that afternoon and Delveroo didn't reply. I reckon that the delivery guy rang my phone just for a few seconds, hung up in order to fabricate a story that I was not in and had attempted to contact me and then ate the BURGER for himself or maybe he threw away the ordered item because he couldn't be bothered delivering it.


2 years ago

Did not get any food, had to debate whether they would give me my money back or not, and waited an additional half an hour, to not get my food in the end.


2 years ago

Two times in a row, I had frustrating issues with deliveroo. Once, the buggy service was stuck after I made my order, without giving me any feedback if the order had gone through or not. After checking with the restaurant, they told me that the service was not working on their side as well and they couldn't see any orders, and that they would end up getting all orders at once hours later.
The second time, the app said the rider was waiting for my food at the restaurant for over an hour and a half. When I called the restaurant, they said they had been trying to contact the rider for at last 30 minutes, because he wan'st there.
This service used to be good an easy. It has gotten so buggy and frustrating the last couple of months that I'm moving on to other delivery services. You lost a valuable customer, Deliveroo.

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