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4 months ago

regret ever joining them.
Inbounds are rarely received within the said time frame. Talking about 3weeks plus delays and all they will tell you is 'they are investigating'

My goods were to be shipped in boxes as per agreement but they kept shipping in polybags causing damage. All they will do is reimburse you (for the customers who cared to complain. The others will simply never come back. ( got less returning customers from their side). They will promise it won't happen again, then it does the very next few days.

Pretty common for orders to remain hanging after they have been marked as fulfilled. I'd only realise after some chargebacks hit me or refund request emails from customers.

They cannot manage their business.Yet i entrusted mine in their hands to manage.

As im writing im still waiting for them to receive my inbound. 8 days delayed. Got to know their affiliated partner warehouses gives priority to their clients. So we from Deliverr are treated as second class. Explains the inbound receiving delays

All their failures are now blamed on Covid-19馃槒. Leaving you is a releif


5 months ago

Its been Great,
there are always some issues here and there but in the end it always gets solved,
also the improvements on inbound/shipping plans were excellent,
I look forward for more and more growth and improvements!


5 months ago

Great service – good shipping rates. Inbound can be expensive but they assist with that sometimes. Support is always good. Wish they had better rates for multiple piece shipments.
Overall highly recommend using them


5 months ago

Deliverr has helped to build my business to new channels and new levels. The staff at Deliverr is very helpful and actually very encouraging and motivating to help us build our business in ways we didn't know were available. I highly recommend using Deliverr if you are interested in scaling your business!


5 months ago

Our company signed up with Deliverr to mainly increase sales on the platform. We immediately observed an increase in sales with the 2-day delivery tag. The fulfillment fees for Walmart orders are fair and we are satisfied with the service. There are some aspects that can be improved, but Deliverr is doing its' best during this pandemic with the resources available.

There are two aspects of Deliverr that I find unique and advantageous. First, we are able to receive support from an actual person. Our growth manager has been consistent about checking in with us and helping our company thrive with Deliverr (Thanks, Tyler!) With the other third-party fulfillment service, we are constantly being passed around to different people and has been difficult to get issues resolved timely. Second, they support multi-platform with the same inventory. We are able to link several listings from multiple platforms to a single inventory SKU. This feature is clever and allows us to expand our offers easily among several platforms.

Now, there are a few flaws. Shipping has been generally good, but there is definitely room for improvement. Also, customer service is our responsibility. FBA is convenient since customer service is provided, but I understand why Deliverr cannot provide customer service on our behalf.


5 months ago

Fast and affordable they have excellent customer service and account managers of course sometimes we have delays to answer the tickets, but 99% of the time they are on time and we can get some Human contact, I think that is great too.

They also have a lot of webinars that educate our stakeholders and show some cases that we can improve our sales.

Almost 1 year working with them is 9.8/10 bc nobody is perfect!

We see a long way working together.


5 months ago

Deliverr has been a lifesaver for us. With the current situation online, we found ourselves blocked from Amazon and sending inventory into FBA. Deliverr allowed us to find a back-up solution that works well with other marketplaces and sales channels.

Their 2-day and next day badges helped our website grow from $10,000 a month last year to $150,000 a month this year.

The only cons are that some of the carriers partnered with Deliverr have a tendency to lose shipments. But this could also be attributed to the increase shipment numbers of 2020 across the board. The other problem is that having a third party fulfill our orders increases a harder to resolve customer service questions as most customer service questions revolve around fulfillment. However, Deliverr does a great job at owning their mistakes and processing claims.

Overall, Deliverr is a headed towards a 5 start fulfillment service and is definitely a major asset to multi-channel fulfillment.


5 months ago

We moved from Amazon FBA to Deliverr we are now using multiple sales channels.
Emily Callahan has done an excellent job of onboarding our companies inventory and fulfillment needs, along with referring us to key sales channels. Damian Sandenbergh is my Rep now and he has proven extremely helpful. My orders are being fulfilled in a timely manner. When I have experienced serious issues within a reasonable time period Deliverr has stepped up to the plate and helped to reach win-win solutions. Thanks again to Alain, Hillary, and Moses in customer support! Mistakes happen, what we do about them is what separates winners from losers! Deliverr is a winner, I highly recommend them!


5 months ago

From the start, the Devlierr team has very helpful with the on boarding process and through our first shipment to their warehouse. When minor discrepancies did arise, the Deliverr team assigned an active representative to help us resolve them in a timely and professional manner. Compared to Amazon's customer service, Deliverr's is orders of magnitudes better! You can tell Deliverr appreciates each of their clients and wants them to succeed!


5 months ago

Deliverr has gone above and beyond expectations so far. Everything from their transparency and easy to understand pricing model, easy setup process and incredible on-boarding support. I worked with Fulfillment specialist Shawn S. and was extremely impressed. This is not a back office call center team. We had 2 calls and walked me through setup and even recommended that I get setup on Walmart and told me how to get fast tags on Google and Facebook. The support doesn't stop there either, I'm going to be working with an engagement manager to help me optimize my e-commerce sites.

In under 2 weeks, I setup my Deliverr account, sent shipments to Deliverr, signed up and went live on Walmart, Etsy, Facebook Shop and Shopify. Prior to using Deliverr, I only sold on Amazon.

As a small business owner, I'm excited to take my business to the next level and Deliverr has made it incredibly easy. I only wish I knew about them sooner. Thank you all!


5 months ago

Account support is non-existent. My products are consistently getting damaged in transit due to poor packaging (plastic bottles in basic plastic envelopes), and my account rep does not even bother responding to my emails. I feel bad for already recommending Deliverr to a couple of people, will not make this mistake again.


6 months ago

The following is a complaint message sent to our account manager at Deliverr. WE did not receive a response.


Our account has been inaccesible for 3 days now without resolution–the system stopped recognizing it. We will be moving both of our accounts to another service as soon as possible:
鈥?Tech support is incompetent, often referring problems to 鈥渙ther team members鈥?who then fail to respond in a timely manner, if at all.
鈥?Tech support response time is never prompt, sometimes taking 48 hours+ to respond that a response is coming.
鈥?Deliverr has no method for personal contact, email only. This isn鈥檛 enough in case of an emergency, and there does not appear to be any prioritization of support requests.
鈥?Apparently customer support closes on the weekends.
鈥?All businesses must deal with the problems of the Corona Virus, but Deliverr has demonstrated no ability to adapt or improve its support.

We request you forward this information as far up the company ladder as possible. Deliverr is a company that is 鈥渋n over its head.鈥?br />

SDS Worldwide/DARA, INC.


7 months ago

My company has had a very good experience with Deliverr and could definitely recommend them. We sell supplements and were looking for a new pick, pack, ship partner around 2 months ago. We chose Deliverr over ShipBob and so far are very happy with our choice.

– To date we have sent in 2 inbound shipments, each to 4 different fulfillment centers. The receiving has been relatively slow (1 to 2 weeks) but all items have been eventually received with no errors or missing inventory.
– Deliverr has shipped out to numerous customers using ground, expedited and Walmart 2-day delivery. These shipments have all gone out either same day or next business day. We also sent some test shipments and the packages all arrived in good condition. A small issue is that the packaging used varies from warehouse to warehouse and there is no packing slip or invoice included.
– Our account executive, Shawn Sprauer, did a great job both during the sales process and while we were onboarding with Deliverr. He also helped us get approved to sell on Walmart and really made a difference during the Walmart onboarding process. We are now selling on Walmart with free 2-day delivery.

Overall, it has been a very positive experience with Deliverr and specifically with Shawn Sprauer and I can fully recommend them to other companies looking for a new fulfillment partner.


8 months ago

Great organization and a very cool product. Super Account Management. They actively work with their clients to help grow their business. Truly a solid organization.


9 months ago

Good idea, but bad software coupled with mediocre customer service support.


1. Deliverr is a B2B software + service. But they do not allow user permissions. Organizations cannot create sub-accounts for employees to use. Everyone is forced to use the main master account which include sensitive billing info and other user functions that the shipping manager does not need access too.

2. Initial registered email on Deliverr account cannot be changed. The first and only email you can ever sign up with Deliverr is set in stone and unable to be changed at all in the future. YESSS, its 2020 and this is still happening!!

3. Deliverr's software does not allow you to untie a sales channel integration. So if you integrated a sales channel with a Deliverr account. Be prepared for that sales channel to lock into your Deliverr account FOREVER.

This was my experience. I signed up with Deliverr and with my google account, thinking I can just create a sub-account for my staff…

WRONG – no user permission function available. Our whole organization need to use the registered email to log in. and I had already integrated my sales channel to the account.

NO PROBLEM? We signed up using a new email, Fresh start. Ready to start sending in goods and becoming a paying customer.

BUT NOOOO. new email would not allow us to integrate our sales channel. Stating it is still tied to the old account.

Reached out to customer service, it took them 8 days to come to the conclusion that they are unable to untie it, and said they can change over the registered google account to another email.

I gave them the email, and they have completely ghosted and never heard about. The standard protocol for Deliverr's customer service is if they do not have an answer for the customer, they will just ignore them.


9 months ago

When it work, it works great! It is a simple and cost effective method for shipping across the US. BUT you are screwed the second you have any sort of issue. This is for the simple reason that there is no one to speak to. You have to create tickets that take 24 to 48 hours to get a response. Usually the response you just waited 2 days for is them asking for more information, then prepare to wait another 2 days to hear back. I have to escalate almost every issue with my account manager otherwise the average resolution time is about 2 weeks. Deliverr, if you are reading this, your company has so much potential! PLEASE invest in a live customer service team. You are killing us with the current lack of support for your customers!


9 months ago

Tyler gave me some great help today in regards to moving my product sales forward and updated me with everything that Deliverr has in the works. He was able to answer all of my questions in a very professional and informative manner.
He even sent me valuable links to pages I should know about.
I'm so grateful he reached out to me to help with my products.


9 months ago

Thank you so much Tyler Coopman for the awesome information and tips you gave me on optimizing Walmart listings. I appreciate your expertise and assistance. Your professionalism, customer service skills and business acumen confirmed that I made the right choice in selecting Deliverr as my fulfillment and shipping service. Looking forward to implementing what you shared and increasing traffic flow to my products. It was a joy speaking with you. I look forward to calling you soon with a positive update.


10 months ago

Deliverr did indeed call us the same day I posted this review below. They were very supportive and granted us the advertised promotion.

Our company rarely writes reviews, but are having such a difficult time with Deliverr onboarding promotions, this warranted a quick 5 minutes. We are (were) a $2 million company, trying our best to manage and weather the COVID storm. With supply chain and fulfillment understandably locking up at Amazon, we were turning to new vendors to assist us for our B2C deliveries from various channels. Deliverr came highly recommended by a few business colleagues! We were told about a $500 promotion – both for the onboarding company (us) as well as the firm who referred Deliverr.

But once we signed up, our IT team spent a half business day integrating with our Walmart account, eBay account, Ecommerce site, and Amazon Prime … that sales rep simply "ghosted" and refused to approve the promotion.

Really bad business and pretty harsh customer service – especially given the hurdles we small companies are all facing during the economy changes. What a lost opportunity, as we would have turned around and referred then to all of our network of company owners?

Kelly, VP Sales and Marketing
Urban Infant Inc.


10 months ago

I seldom write reviews, but this one for Deliverr is irresistible…

The 'true' heart & soul of a company shows when things go out of the ordinary. With the current Corona crisis, the shipping world is – obviously – haywire but not Deliverr! Despite all, hey have their ducks in a perfect row.

Our contact, Damian S, is literally an acting chief-therapist-officer handholding us every step of the way.

As a serial entrepreneur, I have dealt with 'many' providers over the years: Deliverr takes the cake!


10 months ago

We've used Deliverr to fulfill our Walmart Marketplace orders since late summer 2019. I cannot say enough about their support, service and genuine care of my business.

Highly responsive, dedicated support has impressed me since day one. I am continuously looking for ways to grow my business with Deliverr and am confident they are the perfect fulfillment source for us.


10 months ago

Deliverr is great. Their platform is very intuitive and their customer service is very responsive. We highly recommend. Our rep Tyler Coopman has been especially helpful during a critical time for our business.


10 months ago

Very professional, easy to use platform. Tyler Coopman is very helpful. Every time we have question, he can answer me immediately.


10 months ago

Tyler Coopman is very helpful for me to say.
Help me to understand policy and make plans on time.


10 months ago

Our experience with Deliverr has been outstanding so far. The onboarding process was quick and seamless. Getting our inventory set up on their platform was a piece of cake. The Deliverr platform is intuitive and easy to work with – just the right features to enable us to manage our inventory, schedule shipments, monitor invoices and payments, and manage integrations with marketplaces. So far, we have scheduled both UPS and LTL pallet shipments; both were easy to schedule within the Deliverr app and everything arrived quickly and appeared in our inventory within a few days of scheduling. The best part of working with Deliverr has been our account manager, Tim McDonnell – he has been absolutely outstanding. He has been incredibly approachable, quick to respond, super friendly, and personally invested in our experience and success with Deliverr. I can't tell you how incredible it is to have someone like him on the inside to assist with the onboarding process and move things along. We have already noticed a noticeable uptick in our sales and conversion rates on both our own website and marketplaces like eBay and Walmart. Highly recommended!

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