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1 year ago

I am housebound and used Fortino's delivery service for about a year. They have a "policy" of charging more for online groceries than for the in-store items. They don't give a reason for this. My bill for a week's groceries was sky-high. That would be before the cost of delivery. In addition, the quality of the work done by the shoppers (who also deliver) was inconsistent. Some people were great but others did things like badly bruise the bananas in transit from the store to my house because of the way they packed and handled them. I had to throw out some bananas because they were more than 50% bruised from bad handling. I mentioned this in more than one feedback request but never saw a change. From week to week, I never knew if I would get a good shopper or an incompetent one.

Today, I tried and am very happy. The produce was fresh and unbruised and the bill was about $50 less than similar products from Fortino's. I will be using Metro in the future.

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