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6 months ago

I have been using this site for over 2 years without a problem. I get my cheques paid and my cashback has always been tracked. I use this site for my weekly food shops and get 10% discount on my food. I also use it to reclaim delivery charges so if I only want to buy something for 拢5 then I am not paying an extra 拢3.95 for delivery. Yes it鈥檚 a little time consuming applying for refunds but, in my mind, worth it.
I really don鈥檛 understand the negativity and I can assure you it is not a scam. I am happy to pay the monthly fee because I save about 拢1000 per year on my shopping and get free next day deliveries on a lot of places – what鈥檚 not to like?


7 months ago

I am absolutely appalled at this company. I feel I was apparently sold a delivery product two years ago following an eBay purchase. My one and only purchase ever on eBay. This company I am informed has been charging my account 拢14.97 per month for two years with no transactions from me in that time
I unfortunately did not recognise this and it went unnoticed
At no stage was this ever reviewed
Very poor service


8 months ago

I have just had the inconvenience of having to shut down my credit card because 'DELIVERYDEALS.COM.UK' had WITHOUT my permission taken the amount of 拢14.97 in May and same 拢14.97 on June 6th!!!!
I never have or had any connection with this dreadful company so HOW and WHERE did they get my details from !!!!!
STAY AWAY people!!!
Fraud much????????


9 months ago

Apparently I joined in 09/17 through a purchase on eBay. I saw it on my credit card statement at 拢14.97 p.m. and thought it was for a vaping product I had bought for my wife. I have now paid them 拢479.04 to date and have received nothing!!! I am getting in touch with my credit card fraud line to see if I can get my money back for something that I Neve received or knew that I had signed up for. Really p****d off.


1 year ago

Been chasing a payment for 拢162.30 & 拢20 for months. they keep saying it been sent but it is never received.


1 year ago

Essentially a scam site. Things will start off okay and they will probably pay out for the first few purchases as they did with me, but as the 'savings' add up so the cheques (yes, an internet based company that still pays by cheque!) will stop arriving. You will contact their woeful customer service team and be told that the cheque has been sent, but it seems that, no matter how secure your postal delivery service normally is, when it comes to receiving cheques from deliverydeals it will fail you time after time! Funny that! So by all means take advantage of their initial willingness to draw their customers in, but don't hesitate to cancel when the cheques stop arriving as I would suggest that the delays are very much down to Deliverydeals themselves.


1 year ago

Awful been waiting 6 months for a cheque. Don鈥檛 bother asking them more than one question in an email either, apparently they only have the ability to read and respond to one of them and not actually help at all. Disgusted.


2 years ago

Attempted to sign up for 14 days free no cost and yet when submitting application they attempted to take without knowledge or consent 拢9.97 from card , dishonest ! AVOID!

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