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3 years ago

Job Scam

While desperate for a job, applied to said job. They sent packages without my consent and demand I mail them out. While demanding, they said they would place my information on the internet if I didn't comply. They some how called my phone through phone numbers that are on my contacts list.


3 years ago

I was contacted via email by this lady "Helen White" about a "Work from Home" position with this company called "Delivery SD". She made it sound very easy and said the pay was $2800 per month with vacation and bonuses. I was very interested as it would have been an easy way for me to basically double my income. I found it a little fishy though that the email was typed in broken English and her email was a Gmail account and not directly affiliated with her company website. I also found it odd that anyone would actually USE this kind of service. Also, the website was only one page with no links and their physical address didn't show a company name when I Google searched it. Speaking of Google searches, guess what?? Nothing came up when I Googled their company name aside from the website. I was still on the fence and am pretty desperate to earn extra money so I went ahead and called back. Nobody answered and there was no voicemail which I also thought was odd. I emailed this "Helen" again and she called me back about 10 mins later. She could barely speak English and was only interested in whether or not I wanted to do the job. She did explain what would need to be done but like I said, I could barely understand her English. I told her I was still interested and got off the phone. She then emailed me a half-assed employment agreement and example of what else they wanted… a selfie of me holding up my personal ID card. That was enough for me. I decided to do some more digging and Google the president's name "Lenny Harris". I got that name from the bottom of the agreement she sent me. What popped up was a link to a scam website basically laying out exactly what I was experiencing only under a different company name. That name Lenny Harris was sure on there, though. I'm guessing this guy is hard to catch but I'm sure glad I stopped where I stopped. If I'd have sent them a picture of myself holding my license I have no idea what may have followed. I've had my credit card info stolen before and it's not a good feeling. I hope the info I can pass along to the police will possibly help catch these jerks.

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