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Website & Phone: Sovereign Road 335 London N6M 1A6 Canada

6 months ago

Great company, enjoy the products and service. Thanks


6 months ago

Good website and will order again


7 months ago

Be careful. Don鈥檛 make any purchase from this website. It鈥檚 a SCAM! I placed my order on June 14th and my credit card was charged immediately. However after almost a month, I never received my order or heard from the company. I tried to contact the seller through website message a couple times, but received no response at all. Worst experience! Be aware, don鈥檛 be fooled like me.

Update on 8/7/2020
I received my order today after I totally forget about it. So it turns out the company is not a scam, it鈥檚 just being way too slow. Order on 6/14 and receive the item on 8/7. If you think this speed is acceptable, you can give it a try. I understand it鈥檚 a difficult time for many people and for small business, but what I don鈥檛 understand is why the company had no communication at all during the whole time鈥攝ero communication during this almost two months period, and I don鈥檛 think that鈥檚 acceptable. It鈥檚 funny the company would spend time responding to every comment here, but not communicate with its customers or reply to their email inquiries directly.


9 months ago

Ordered in high hopes to try the products but my package has never arrived. I emailed the company a couple of times and they never answered back. Worst customer service from my experience shopping online.


2 years ago

Delizioso has amazing goodies which I absolutely LOVE! My favorite go to natural brand, and they have nearly everything I need. Love the way they are freshly hand made and love the way they care about me and my orders. Thank you so much!!!



3 years ago

I was excited to find Deliciozo and purchased a few things for my daughter and I. I really wanted to love their line but most of their products made my face dry. I鈥檓 not sure if the ingredients they鈥檙e using are as natural as they advertise. My daughter鈥檚 skin is not overly sensitive but broke out by using their serum. The sample lipsticks colours were not flattering. The perfume sample only lasted a couple hours. Really disappointing as I had high hopes for these products.


3 years ago

BUYERS BEWARE! Do not buy from this company. Unprofessional and dishonest. Products not worth the price or terrible customer service.


3 years ago

I found Delizioso when searching for a vegan "vaseline" product and came across Vegaline . The company is based in Canada using natural products and offering vegan (i.e no animal used in the ingredients or in testing of products) items . The company of just two people, hand make products to order so there's no deterioration of having "old stock" and though there may be a wait, of a few weeks it's good to know it's made for you fresh.

It arrived within 6-8 weeks and I was expecting two small tins of product (I wasn't sure what 8oz looked like) when in fact I got two large tubs of product so it was better value than I'd expected.

Of course the shipping from Canada bumps up the price (all in was $31.93) but for the quality of this specific vegan product I still think it's great value and will purchase again.

They automatically give you 10% off your next order if made within 6 months and there's a lovely hand written personalised note enclosed which shows great detail and the cottage industry that it is, which I like supporting.

I'd recommend Delizioso Skincare to anyone wanting bespoke, handcrafted, natural products, especially for vegans and I'm sure they'll continue to thrive.

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