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7 months ago

Har en 忙ldre station忙r pc som gik d酶d, formentlig pga en Windows opdatering.
Fik fat i Alex S. fra teknisk support, som fixede problemet med Dell Recovery tool. Tak for god service og support


7 months ago

Ordered the XPS15-7590 i7 with the 4K display. Laptop arrived on time. Have had no problems the 3 months I have owned it. Overall it is a great laptop with a gorgeous 4K OLED, not available anywhere else at this low price. The only negative is that i find the keyboard quality a bit lower than what would be expected for a high end machine. But apart from that, great job.


8 months ago

Ordered an expensive 4k monitor from a website in Denmark. Support on the website redirected me to Dell support. Monitor bought at the beginning of April, came damaged. Promptly reported the case to the Dell support, they assured me the monitor would be sent in two weeks and closed the case. Since then my case is there on the website, the guarantee to expire in another 60 days and vague emails from them. Do not recommend


1 year ago

Ordered an laptop are 51 top model. After some problem with payment the order finally went through. Then after 5 days got an email saying Dell cancelled the order due to some configuration problem. No offer to solve the problem og explanation of what the problem was. And every configuration ordered was offered by their site. They said i could make a new order. Yeah right. Im never ever going to buy Dell again and will forever recommend everyone against it.


2 years ago

I have for days now been trying to get hold of Dell to have some advice concerning a laptop. I have been put on hold for hours, but did not succeed in having a person at the other end. I have also asked Dell to call me back – twice – but again no luck.
I have bought Dell computers and laptops several times, but now I dare not do it again for fear that their technical service is as bad as the customer service.


2 years ago

Good products and great "premium support" customer service


2 years ago

i have purchased dell laptop in November and from a same time i am facing problem with the laptop window 10 laptop is not able to connect with wifi
it automatically disconnect in 5 to 10 min i had called customer service your technician visit in my place but problem was not resolved i have uninstall and install window 4 or 5 time with the help of customer service .Now today when i called customer service that now idont want this laptop because from last 5 month u are not able to fix the problem what is the benefit of new laptop if i am not able to use that then the suggestion i got from floor supervisor that u can visit service center or i will arrange the call back from escalation team and telling me sometime issue take few days when i ask that from last five month why didn't u transfer me to escalation team he had no answer i asked how much time any issue take to fix he had no answer he was not able to resolve even a single query he had no answer of any question,So at last i had file case in consumer court and the CASE NUMBER is service code 28870809950 now i want to replace my product because from last 5 month it's not working properly so please replace it.and the floor supervisor who was giving stupid suggestion name is charan


2 years ago

I bought a Dell XPS 13 with Linux pre-installed, in order to avoid the usual hassle of installing Linux myself and to have a nicely tuned software-hardware combo. The darn thing crashed on first start-up. Google showed the DELL-SPECIFIC problem was well known (!) but without solution.

I contact Dell and they blankly refused to help. "It's a software problem" – not our problem. Dell: knowingly selling a flawed product and blankly refusing support – never again, thank you.


3 years ago

meh customer service and experience.
I ordered the pc online and after the confirmation email, I am required via email to send pictures of either passport, driving licence or bills to prove that I am the owner of my Dankort! I thought naturally it was a scam, so I did not get back to those emails, but my order got cancelled afterwards. And now i cant get in contact with any kind of support :/


3 years ago

Worst customer service and experience.
I ordered the laptop online and after the confirmation email, I am required via email to send pictures of either passport, driving licence or bills to prove that I am the owner of my Dankort! I thought naturally it was a scam, so I did not get back to those emails, but my order got cancelled afterwards!
The customer service simply tells me to change payment card or use a bank transfer (pretty unsafe for the customer, since you do not get refunded) but unfortunately I have just one card, so I try again and after another confirmation email, my order never shows up on my profile. I contact them again and they say that it was cancelled most likely because I used the same card as before, but a part from this they don't do anything to help me out and sincerly they don't even try.
I am very disappointed. Ridiculous customer service.


3 years ago

Awful customer service.
Dell cancelled one of my two items by email, but didn't tell me which item cancelled on the email – even the reference was completely different to order reference. Phoned to find out which of the two items – or both? cancelled (using the number on email, which was a no reply email) and got cut off three times and pass round 5 times. Then found out had been charged high rate for the call. Asked for the cost of phone call back – told no.
Told it was clear on the website this is a customer charge phone line – its not, if you search through the contact you finally get to something that tells you 5p for BT and check for mobiles. Nothing at all on the email to identify chargeable – I was told I should have gone back to website and checked this fully.
I think:
Dell should have been clear on their email what item was cancelled (apparently only 1) – saving me the bother of calling.
Dell should use the same reference on email as when I ordered so I can understand the email.
Dell should be clear on emails when calls are customer chargeable rate (not 3 pages of clicks to get to the page on website).
Dell should not cut customers off or pass them round 5 times for a basic bit of information (that should have been in the email).
Dell should consider why it needs a customer chargeable phone line when mostly they are selling items (charging to sell, or in my case cancel needing to check what Dell has cancelled).

Overriding view is very poor customer service – and Dell are charging customers to buy (or even not buy, have cancelled by them) items. Poor.


4 years ago

XPS 630i bought in 2009. It was a monday machine:
– poor quality RAM
– onboard graphics was terrible
– the fan was very loud from the beginning. Got worse over the years, now it's unusable due to noise
– the pre-installed SW caused multiple issues
– Logitech surround sound system was broken from day 1 (volume control button)
– very poor service from DELL support

I'll never buy DELL Again.


4 years ago

About 6 months ago I bought a Dell Inspiron 17 5000 series. It麓s not worth the money at all. The main problem is that everything takes soooo looong, I have had many laptops before but never this slow. I have now decided to give it to my son who is 7 years old and buy myself something else.


4 years ago

N氓r man pr酶ver at bruge chat kommer men ind i kontakt med UK dell support og f氓r svaret
"My apologies.
however we do not deal with Denmark orders.".
Er der en chance for at kontakte en kompetent assistent, som ved om, og hvordan man kan f氓 en studierabat?


4 years ago

i ordered a dell pc and one keyboard online, first delivered keyboard, and pc lost something, after 3 days, we received pc . when we opened pc and try to install, it could not start up at all. then we contact dell IT support, they could not fix it and ask us to send back , so they can have a look. it is a brand new pc, which we do not want to buy a defect product, so we ask for a new machine to replace. but dell refuse to do it. the reason is we bought it as a company, not private person. as company, we do not have right to return or replace no matter what happens. it is unbelievable when you buy a product which you paid full price for a brand new product, you get a defect manchine, and you have no rights to complain for it. and even more, their customer serive told us that couple years ago they already closed the service department to small companies, so there is no service for small companies.

it went really crazy. we never experience such service anywhere in the world. i strong recommend people do not buy any product from dell. maybe when you made order and paid for it, you get nothing but a borken or second hand product. !!!


5 years ago

I've been very happy with their products and when i've had any problems Dell has always found a solution.

I've have always gotten great service from Dell.

I'll recommend Dell anytime.
PS. and important thing is to buy the Dell insurance and you will not be disappointed.


5 years ago

After having purchased an i7 16 MBYTE top of the line laptop PC I find havindg purchased a faulting, erroror prone and weak confguration failing any configurtion promise given by Dell. Keep away from their their products, having spent 16 K DKK they cannot deliver a quality product!


6 years ago

Having always been a loyal Dell customer it was natural that my next computer would also be a Dell. After researching the market it was decided that a Dell XPS 8700 would be a suitable work. However problems arose with my new Dell began even before receiving it, and have persisted up until this very moment as I write this.

Having found the model on the web page, where it stated an expected delivery time of a few days, I decided to make the purchase on the 14/12/2013. Immediately after I receive an order confirmation which now states that the computer will first be available in 2 weeks. I was pretty annoyed, that this information was not available earlier, but first stated once Dell had received the money for it. My problem is that Dell must have known that the product availability information stated on the initial purchasing site was categorically wrong. Further delays mean the computer arrives around 4 weeks after purchase on the 13/1/2014, accumulating to 3 weeks of delays.

Initially I was very happy with the computer; it was running like it should. However, on the 8/4/2014 the computer crashes, and it is subsequently impossible to get it up and running, being met with a black screen. I call Dell support, who after a great deal of testing (from my side, using my own time at the request of Dell) decide, that it must be the graphics card that has malfunctioned. I am told a technician will be sent out the following day to install the card. Within minutes I receive another call retracting that statement, instead saying I will have to install it myself.

A new graphics card is ordered and sent out to me. I put it into the computer and I now get video on the computer, but it crashes intermittently and whenever the slightest processing power is required, rendering the computer effectively useless. I call Dell back who is mystified by this occurrence. The testing begins again, but this time lasting much longer. Carrying on for over a week and using a huge amount of my time. Each time I call the support team I am given a new supporter, who says that they will now be responsible for my case. As a result of this, I go through a hoard of different supporters who ultimately don鈥檛 know anything about the case. Repeatedly I am told that the case owner will call me the following day, but due to being consistently given new case owners, I never actually receive a single one of these calls. Eventually the support team decides that the next plan of action will be to replace the power supply and motherboard. I am promised that a technician will be sent out the following day (Wednesday) with the parts. The next day I receive a call from the technician, he will not be able to visit me due to the parts not having arrived. I am not very happy about this situation; due to being specifically promised a technician I have planned around this and taken the day off work. The technician tells me that he unfortunately will first be able to come out on Tuesday the following week which is after the Easter break (Thursday, Friday and Monday are not work days due to the Easter break). I accept.

Tuesday rolls around and I expect to hear from either Dell or the technician. Nothing comes through, another day wasted. The next day I thankfully receive a call from the technician notifying me that he will arrive at some time in the afternoon. He arrives at 5 pm and upon hearing the problems with the computer he tells me that he is not exactly optimistic that the chosen replacement parts will have any influence on the problem. The parts are replaced and the computer crashes immediately after. No surprise there. The technician says that this is in all likelihood a graphics card problem, which I have also believed. He tells me he will call Dell in the morning about this and would in all probability see me Friday with the new graphics card. I call Dell the day after to verify that he has spoken to him and to hear what is the chosen course of action. Dell apologizes for not having called me as their procedure states; they explain that this is because the case owner was sick. The Dell support team apparently refuses to go by their own technician鈥檚 advice and say that I now have to re-install my entire computer, resulting in another day of messing about with the computer.

Noteworthy in this process is that the support team expressly tell me to re-install my windows on the HHD as opposed to the 256 Gb SSD. This is strange because the whole point of having the large SSD is to install the operating system and programs on it so that they will load and run faster. I however blindly comply. This means that even if this re-installation did work it would render my SSD, an expensive piece of hardware, pretty much useless. I call in to Dell this time explaining that the Windows re-installation unfortunately hasn鈥檛 worked. I also explain that at this time almost a month after the first break down, the impact on my work and studies from not having a functioning computer and due to the amount of time spent trying to repair it, has been so great that I think it would be fair to expect a computer replacement. The supporter says this will be discussed with the active supervisor. I receive a call back a little later where the supporter instantly jumps into new troubleshooting procedures we should try. I have inquired as to what happened with respect to speaking to the supervisor; to be told a replacement computer won鈥檛 be possible at this time. I say to the supporter that I will again comply and carry out the tasks that are asked of me. In the meantime could she then not ask her supervisor whether it would be possible to replace just the Nvidia graphics card with a different card f. ex the AMD graphics card which new computers from Dell with similar specifications now are supplied with. She says this is doubtful but will ask anyway. I carry out the troubleshooting procedures to no avail. I call in again, to receive another denial; they will not change my graphics card. At this point I have some errands to run and go into town. When I call into support later there is literally only one solution left on the list, and I am completely shocked when I hear the words: 鈥淚t seems there is a problem with how these Nvidia graphics card work together with the SSD drives鈥? something which I have been stating at every point in the process.

My initial suspicions that this being the problem arose when looking over the configuration of the exact same computer my father purchased; everything is the same apart from the Nvidia graphics card has been replaced with an AMD graphics card. A small amount of research on the internet highlights that this is not an isolated incident. Dell must have been aware. I am suspicious that the instructions to install Windows on the HHD as opposed to the SSD were exactly because of this. The next step is to remove the SSD drive from within the computer. After getting the tool kit out and removing parts to get to the SSD drive I remove it and put the computer back together. It still malfunctions. The supporter now tells me that the solutions list has been exhausted and that a discussion with the supervisors will be required. It is promised that I will receive a call the following day before 15:00. Another entire day that should have been spent doing work and studying has been wasted trying to solve Dell鈥檚 problem. The next day comes and by 4 in the afternoon is have not yet received a call, and I therefore call Dell and ask to speak to a supervisor. I am told that this is not an option and I am transferred through to the Customer Care division. I am now told to write a formal complaint and to send it to an email address given. I comply to these instructions and write a lengthy complaint letter describing the entire situation. This is sent on the 26/4/2014. When I haven鈥檛 heard anything by the following Tuesday, I send a letter to same address to inquire if they had at all received my complaint and if so how long the complaint process should ordinarily take. I receive an email in return the following day that they had received it, but there was no answer about how long it would take. I therefore call Customer Care the following day for an update. I am told that Peter, who was handling my case had gone home for the day but I would be contacted the following day. The next day comes but I yet again receive no call.

All contact is silent from Dell until 5/5/2014 where I receive a call from the Technical Support division, who out of the blue are now prepared to send the AMD card previously mentioned. There was no explanation as to why this decision had been made. After enquiry I discovered it was because the supporter鈥檚 supervisor had read the complaint. So effectively the complaint division which was supposed to make a decision regarding the computer hadn鈥檛 done so. Neither had they decided to contact me telling that they had completely disregarded their task. I accept the supporter鈥檚 offer of the AMD card being sent out with a technician the following day, out of pure desperation to once again have a functioning computer. Additionally it is promised that I would receive a call immediately after the technician鈥檚 departure.

The technician arrives the following day and it is discovered that the card only has one DVI output, meaning that it doesn鈥檛 support dual monitor setup via dvi. I made the technical support aware that I had two monitors already from day 1. The card is installed anyway to see if it can at least make the computer on one screen. Unfortunately it doesn鈥檛 resolve the problem and the technician leaves because there isn鈥檛 anything else he can do. Hours pass and again no call is received.

This brings me to where I stand to this day one month after the initial breakdown, seriously discouraged by the multitude of broken promises by Dell with little hope of a quick resolution to this situation. Throughout this entire process I have made Dell aware every step of the way that the affected computer is in fact my work computer and that for each day that goes by the negative impact on my professional and academic work grows. I get the impression that by buying a computer from Dell I was placed worse than a consumer who had purchased a computer from a physical computer store. A computer store certainly wouldn鈥檛 allow a month to go by and wouldn鈥檛 expect the customer to put in countless hours of his or her own time. I would however also like to state that the supporters I spoke to throughout the entire ordeal were extremely kind and seemingly were only following company protocols provided by an inefficient and incompetent internal structure. An example; each time you call in you give your service tag to a person who then redirects you the responsible support department, upon getting transferred the service tag has to be given again 鈥?it doesn鈥檛 get transferred between departments. Additionally, because of the many different case owners some troubleshooting methods that had already been tried were suggested multiple times. Perhaps this case would already have been solved had any one of my requests to speak a supervisor or person in a decision making role had been granted.

Andreas Toft

*Update as of 7/5/2014*
After posting this review less than 24 hours ago, I almost immediately after received a response from Karina Hansen, who has swiftly and efficiently rectified the situation. This has been a surprising turn of events – I hope Dell recognizes the value of having people like Karina employed in terms of service recovery and consumer satisfaction.


9 years ago

Ordered DELL Zino HD computer on
Order took 1.5 weeks to arrive. It only included a british power cable so I had to use an converter to use it. WiFi card is crap so I had to buy a USB WiFi dongle to use the internet.


11 years ago

super support


11 years ago

God support n氓r man har problemer.


11 years ago

Super Inspiron 546 Windows Vista Home Premium Aero.
Esperience Index = 3,6 !

AMD Atlon 64 X 2 Dual Core Prosessor.

Windows Mediecenter m. Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1200 er & perfekt.


13 years ago

God service og fine systemer
man skal dog huske at sl氓 diverse ekstra services fra for at opn氓 den pris de reklamere med, hvilket kan v忙re misvisende for mindre st忙rke e-shoppere.

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