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3 years ago

The customer service is horrendous. I bought a laptop, which turned out to have a faulty battery. I have contacted Dell 5 times in the course of a month, and every time I speak to them they promise that the "repair shop" will come and pick up the laptop to fix it. The repair shop has not contacted me, and when I call back they cannot give me an answer. I have been promised three times that they will give keep me updated, but I have never been contacted as promised.

Ikke kj酶p laptop hos Dell! You are hereby warned!

Dell has posted an answer to give the impression that they actually would speed things up. They have referred me to the Danish Facebook profile of Dell, which is inaccessible to me, as I am in Norway. I am redirected to the US profile. I think this small issue illustrates the issues you will face when you deal with Dell: they are certainly not going to make things easy for you!

I am not in the US, and Facebook clearly knows that my IP address is Norwegian, as all the adds and commercial are Norwegian. The Dell Norway profile is hidden, though. This is understandable, I guess, as your so-called "customer service" does not work at all. I have spoken to them every day since posting this review (I am adding this in an edit), and all you guys say is "sorry" and "we do not know why your laptop has not been picked up". For some reason, you have people in your "customer service" department, but no one to actually fix your products.

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