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2 months ago

This company has a) terribly declinled in quality of hardware and b) customer service is not at all helpful. At best they are friendly and polite but unfortunately don't know much about computers, nor are they helpful- they just keep saying 'thank you for choosing dell'. Also, Dell is very clever with their marketing and will bait and switch you on pricing constantly. If you're looking for a quality computer, choose literally anyone else.


3 months ago

First of all, for new laptop, hardware, BIOS and drives cannot work together, just a big mess. My laptop brand new is unusable.
Very poor customer care on technical support, really of no use, you are on your own. Extremely difficult to talk to anybody. When I can, the connection drops in minutes, phone or remote session or chat. Seems the support is fully in India and there are no capabilities for power, internet up, bandwidth, etc. ZERO service.


3 months ago

I bought an Inspiron Laptop and I also have an extended business warranty. They basically cannot fix any issue with my Bluetooth and I have replaced the motherboard, the Bluetooth card. Reinstall windows 2 times. Been lied to too that my problem is escalated to L3 (when I called after 4 days of not getting a response, they tell me that I have to re-install windows and they are following procedure. They said they will inform an L3 tech. But I Have an email 4 days prior with L3 being informed. Such lies.


3 months ago

Horrible customer service, spent 2 hours on the phone and got transferred 8 times with no solution, got hung up on 5 times. Departments are incapable of communicating with each other and agents keep transferring your calls back and forth with no solution. If i could give 0 stars I would. Never buying from Dell again.


4 months ago

If I could give 0 stars I would. I had ordered a Dell Desktop Computer on September 21. I was originally promised to receive my computer on October 1st. My computer didn't come because Dell claims that it got delayed. They gave a second promise that I would receive my Dell computer on October 12. Now I am informed that my Dell computer is delayed yet again. I had paid almost $1000 for this computer, but no Dell computer. Why is a brand like Dell won't keep its promises. Now I can see that the Dell company are a bunch of liars. For a company as old as Dell, you think they would be well prepared for events like this, but I guess Dell has to lose millions of its customers to get it through their thick heads that they need to change their ways. I will never do business with the Dell company again, I will tell everyone I know to look for other brands to buy from. Maybe if I was a millionaire or billionaire bigshot, Dell would show me respect and keep their dam promises. Everyone who reads this, don't buy from Dell, go for other brands.


4 months ago

Stay away from DELL! I never thought I would ever say this as I have bought Dell for a few years (from Costco). But, this last 2 weeks have been an nightmare. I purchased a 2 in 1 laptop from Dell Canada's website on Sept 14th that was and still is advertised on Dell's website as "In stock and ready to ship." My ship date was for 7 days (Sept 22, 2020)… each day after the order the shipping date was changed/updated to further in time to the point that we were 2 weeks away. Finally, their customer service (In India) tells me after a 5th date change that they cannot give me a date! This is after nearly a week of having my money (which was actually taken out of my checking account and not "a hold put on that amount"). Now they tell me (again from India) that they never took the $1500! I am hoping no big war with them involving lawyers to get ALL of my money back. This is ridiculous and FRAUD! If Dell doesn't have the products then DONT ADVERTISE THEM AS READY TO SHIP! Tell me I have to wait a month or 2… as opposed to MISLEADING ME WITH FALSE STATEMENTS & PROMISES. I have never been so disappointed in a brand I thought I knew. The Dell customer service has been one big nightmare. Will update my post if they do give me my money back. But, I strongly advise at this point DO NOT BUY DELL (at least for Canada)!

So to update… I managed to FINALLY cancel my constantly delayed order from Dell and get my money back (a waste of 10 days of my time and money). Then, 2 days later, Jane from Dell from India calls me to ask if I want to rebuy the same model and promised to get it to me in 5 days. She PROMISED I would have it within 5 days as it was in stock, she claimed. I decided to give Dell 1 more chance and stupidly said OK. Well, the 5 days passed and the same thing again…Delayed. The item hadn't even shipped! So, Dell again misled me. The model finally came 9 days later (after purchase). ONLY to arrive from Purolater(Canada's worst courier) badly damaged! The box was literally bent like a bow as if it had been run over by a Jeep and the computer inside (badly packaged) had been bouncing around unsecured for 10 days!!!! You DO NOT WANT THIS with any hi tech device. When I opened the box up, the laptop was bent/warped. I was shocked. Here I am 3 weeks after my 1st order with DELL's delay after delay and now they send me a damaged/warped laptop. This is DELL quality????? I contacted Dell via Facebook to explain what has happened and sent photos. After 3 days of back and forth messaging them, Dell finally agreed to replace the item (which would take weeks no doubt). At this point, they have wasted weeks of my valuable time and money (I am an executive and have much better things to to with my valuable time). Thus I expected DELL to offer some sort of restitution for all of the trouble, weeks of time waste, and headaches they have caused me. So, I asked for a simple upgrade of the same model (only about a $400 difference). I was shocked when DELL REFUSED outright! So, DELL wastes 3 weeks of my time, gives false delivery promises, sends a bad product to me, wastes my time having to chase them to sort it out, and they wont even offer a cheap free upgrade? So obviously to DELL the waste of my time, stress and headaches they have put me through mean nothing! Wonderful DELL customer service! Not even an apology! Now they tell me it will take 2-3 weeks to waste MORE of my time and inconvenience arranging to get the item picked up and my money back! What an awful, customer disrespecting brand DELL is! NEVER BUY DELL under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!! Customers, their time and goodwill MEAN NOTHING to DELL. The worst customer centric brand anywhere.
馃が The last DELL I ever buy for myself or my company!!!!! And now they tell me I have to waste more of my time and money to TAKE THE UNIT to the Purolater depot on the other end of town!!!!

I hate to say this, but DELL SUCKS!!!!! A company and brand are built around their customers, customer service, and looking after them. Any brand that doesn't put the customer first isn't a brand in any way, just a profit first, heartless machine to avoid. After years of buying DELL for myself, family and business I am shocked to say DELL is the latter… I never knew the REAL DELL. Beware.


6 months ago

I received my G5 Computer a couple weeks ago and noticed that the wireless card that was installed was not the one I had ordered. I spent two hours on the phone today and still no resolution. I went from department to department (four in all). I had enough time to give the case# to the last representative until the line was dropped. Do you think they called me back??? Nope. I may just return the whole thing tomorrow and get my money back.


7 months ago

My Dell laptop stopped working soon after the two year Service Contract that I bought expired. Worse is, this happend after I installed a Dell update I received through the built in Support Assist in my laptop. Initially Dell contacted me several times to have my Service Contacts renewed for $300+. I did not renew. Soon after that I received a notification from the built in Dell Support Assist that a Dell Update is available for my laptop. I normally receive these kinds of updates during the service contract and will install it without encountering issues afterwards. I clicked and installed the update and after my laptop restarted nothing works anymore. No program would launch, not even the "Settings". I tried to fix it with McAfee but with no success.


7 months ago

Overall the experience is average. Customer service takes a long time to get to and I got bounced around quite a bit. Their PCs are fairly overpriced, but that's the norm with pre build. Honestly, you could do much worse, though don't expect anyone at Dell to bend over backwards for you.


7 months ago

I have ordered a dell xps 17 on june 17th and it was supposed to be delivered by 6 july . First of all that is a ridiculous amount of time to deliver that. And now that time is changed to 31 july. 2 months delivery time for a 4000$ laptop. What the $#*!. Customer service is the worse. I regret buying from dell.


7 months ago

Dreadful experience with dell after ordering a TV on they website.
They shipped the TV and asked the transporter to ship it back, seemingly for no reason, without letting me know.
In good faith, I reorder the product, but this time, they wait for 4 days before cancelling the order, once again for no reason.
During these two weeks I spent waiting for a TV, I spoke to at least 5 different reps who were barely able to produce any answers as to why these orders were getting cancelled, and were actually leading me on to believe the orders were in good shape.

Their staff was very rude and aggressive as well while trying to convince me everything was ok.



9 months ago

The prices are fair for the quality


11 months ago

Just an absolute sham of a company.

Bought the Alienware Area-51m laptop through only to learn later that there is a severe hardware flaw which caused several fires in the first batch. To remedy this, Dell forced a BIOS update to the computer which severely limits graphic performance. This computer is a $4,000.00 ultra high end graphics performance beast, so this somewhat defeats the purpose of it.

It was the customer service that was really awful though. I've been hung up on, condescended to and given the complete run around for months all the while being completely polite and accommodating on my part. I have lost work days fielding troubleshooting calls, had a tech visit my home for a full half day to replace a part that was never broken only to be told we will have to do it all again. I don't know if the Technical Support line is following a script or just acting willfully ignorant, but they've spent 1/3 of my warranty time (4 months) kicking the can down the road. I'm certain at the end of this year long warranty they'll just stop taking calls and leave me with this poor broken down machine.

Terrific buying experience (obviously where the resources go), terrible support experience.

Learn from me and the myriad of others in this situation (it's well documented and EVERY AREA-51M they sell with a 2080 has this issue) and just steer clear. Save yourself the headache and trouble.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Dell is likely the worst corporate entity I have ever interacted with.


1 year ago

I agree with all bad reviews on Dell products. I hate being ripped off by big companies and this one is at the top of the list. Once you buy their product they do not care about you. They will not honour their crap laptops. You bought it, good luck, thanks for your stupidity giving us your money is their motto. They burned me once, it won't happen again. I will never ever buy a Dell product!


1 year ago

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series laptop, it is very bad unit. I bought it online on May, 2017 that cost including tax was $1018.12.

This is my last request number 967681935 for the laptop on July 2018 鈥淚 am very disappointed by the manufacture warranty for my laptop after i own it and support that i am getting even though i have paid for extra guaranteed; the same problem still has not been fixed. I got so sick and tired of the same problem that i didn't even bother replying back to you for almost a year but today was just hell for me. I am getting so annoyed of the screen that keeps on glitching with static every now and then it hurts my eyes! Also, whenever i am loading a program there seems to be a very loud noise from the laptop that would not stop unless i end the program, it has been made me a lot of headache.

Since this problem has not been fixed for at least 3 times i have talked to you guys, i do not want you guys to test since you already know the problem, because you tested my computer so many times already. Instead, i just want to send this laptop back to you so you guys can actually figure out the main problem… It's very frustrating to me as i have a hard to doing work on my laptop!!鈥?br />

On the third time, I sent it out for service, i got it back for a little while and then every problem came back after 1st day just a little big and 8th and go on day and up to now. I have been so tired, disappointed, unhappy. It鈥檚 a horrible Dell laptop computer.

Nam Ngo


1 year ago

My first Dell was purchased in 2006. I have experience. I'm an IT "wiz (whiz)". I'm not a teenager. I've purchased four Dell computers in 13 years, and I'm finally speaking up.

ISSUE 1 – Pricing
Dell has always built a relatively solid product. However, this is no longer 1990 where you "get what you pay for". Now it's about cost and value, plain and simple. Dell no longer supplies a valuable commodity at decent prices. If you follow a specific 2 or 3 computers for two months, you'll see what I mean – various prices and swapping of components to make you seem like you are getting more value, but in reality the corporation swaps inferior components for the same price.
Example: NVidia makes two version of the GTX 1060, 3GB and 6GB models. Dell routinely swaps one for the other AT THE SAME PRICE without notice to the consumer.

ISSUE 2: Lying (Foreign) online sales agents
If you visit and talk to a sales person online to "get a deal" they will quote you specific items in chat, then pressure you to immediately call them to close the deal. Who does that in this day and age of comparative shopping?!?
Example: I asked three different sales agents (who are clearly from India based on timing and language) to send me a quote based on our chat "deal". I either (a) never receive a quote, or (b) receive a quote that is totally different (ala above example swapping a 3GB video card for a 6GB video card AT THE SAME PRICE).

End result: Dishonesty, poor pricing, extremely poor value vs. their US counterpart (take a look at Black Friday sales on Dell.Com vs. Dell.CA and you'll see what I mean – even with the $$ exchange rates).

Final point: Dell Canada used to make a great product for great value. Now their warranties are under-covered, prices are too high, and components are substandard.

2019 UPDATE:
Dear fellow readers,

Let me be clear – I've been a long-time supporter of Dell products – and still am.

Every product, but 1 (that's 4 total), that I've purchased has been a stellar performer. In fact, I'm still using a 13-year old computer on which I write this.

However – BE WARNED. Once DELL has your money, if you want it back, you will suffer dearly.

I ordered a laptop in 2011 – it came DOA (Dead On Arrival, for you non-techies). I called Dell, and they informed me that I would have to be processed through their warranty department.

To coin a pop-culture phrase, "Wait, What?"

I just purchased a brand-new product, which has never operated, and has been in-hand for less than an hour, and I have to return this via the WARRANTY department?!? I think not. I returned the laptop under their 30-day no hassle return, AND got a significant deal to buy another (better) laptop at the same price. That laptop I still use to this day (2011-2019). Unfortunately, it took me about 5 hours on the phone, with numerous people, and then an additional 5 weeks to get there.

Fast forward to 2019. I'm ready for a new (gaming) desktop. Great item on-sale, on-line. I order based on the 5-8 day delivery timeframe posted on their site. Here ensues the circus of failure that is commonplace to Dell.

1. Ordered on August 5. Once I click "submit" on my order, the website-advertised 5-8 day delivery instantly changes to 11-14 (with a delivery date of 28 August – by my counting, that's 17 BUSINESS DAYS, not 11-14). OK, I've waited a few years, I can wait an extra two weeks.

2. August 9 – I see the exact same desktop with a 200% better video card, identical computer, for the same price. I contact Dell to indicate I would like the better deal. No big deal, seeing as my delivery date is 4 weeks out, right? WRONG, they cannot change the order, but offer me $50 credit for my inconvenience. I decline, indicate that the price for the different video card is around $200, so I would like my computer to have the same deal. End result, I need to cancel my order and re-order the new one.

3. I cancel the order on Aug 9, Service Request submitted (after the online form "conveniently" goes to a Page Not Found, and after fighting with the chat agent for 20 minutes.

4. August 12. My order has shipped. "Wait, What?" how can it have shipped 7 days after I submitted my order, 3 days after I requested a refund for a non-complete system?!?? I contact them by phone AND chat. "Sorry, we cannot process your refund because the order has been, or is, in production and is, or is preparing to be, shipped".

You're joking, right?

DELL: "But do not worry, after the order is received, you can return it, and 10-15 days after it is re-stocked, you can receive a refund".

Here's the caveat – after the order is shipped, you have to pay a "re-stocking fee". Yes, that's right – I have to pay a fee for a computer I don't want, cancelled BEFORE it was shipped – but they shipped it anyway.

DELL: "Do not worry. We will contact the shipper and have the shipping cancelled. We will then re-stock the item and you can receive a refund in 10-15 business days".

"Wait, What?" You're going to make me wait essentially a MONTH, for a refund on a computer I did not want, cancelled the order of, and will never receive or sign for?

How is any of this fair, equitable, or good customer service in any way!??!?

It isn't.


2 years ago

Bought a Dell XPS 15 in 2014 for more than $2,500 ! In 2017, had to remove the battery that was swelling (expanding). No way to get a new battery from Dell ! No way to get any service at all from them.


2 years ago

Battery is swelling (expanding). No way to get a new battery from them. No service, no warranty. Paid more than $2,500 for that computer now unusable on battery.


8 years ago

Mass ratings for Dell owned websites.

Brans listed include Dell Inc., Alienware Corporation, SonicWALL Inc.

Forum topic:


8 years ago

My experience with Dell was fantastic. I ordered my laptop on a Thursday afternoon, it was shipped by Friday and at 9:00am on the Monday, I had received my system in perfect working order. I'm using it now, and I couldn't be happier.


10 years ago

I'm a big fan of Dell and purchased my PC through them. A bit pushy on proposing other products.

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