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9 months ago

I bought Dell Inspiron 7490 on 17.04.2020
Terrible experience,they had a issue with the Blue screen error ,for so long time ,and they still didn't fix that particular problem,in short ,laptop is going to sleep whit the lid closed,and he never won't wake up ,after that you have to reeboot system.
And you going to ask me ,how I get done that ,from Dell side?
and there is ridiculous ,was answer like that
Base on the response of the system for all troubleshooting steps done, The hardware component still works fine and the issue possible related to a software, If you will perform operating installation we can identify if the hardware is faulty.
Why exactly should I have to go through the effort of doing this for a laptop I spent thousands of pounds for?
Not buying Dell anymore,never !!!!


1 year ago

Be aware that when ordering online, Dell in Switzerland does not accept any returns. The laptops are shipped from China and its impossible to send anything back.


1 year ago

I bought a Dell XPS 13 exactly a year ago – I know this because I got about a thousand emails to remind me my warranty expired – when the power led started blinking orange. Turns out the battery (at 79% health) is broken and needs replacement.
I'm only using the laptop in my spare time and am very disappointed with only how short the battery lasted. This is unacceptable for a 1500+ euro laptop.

Oh and on I cannot even find the spare part I need.


4 years ago

Ordered from them, they could not ship the product they date they said. After waiting for 2 days, I phoned their customer service and wanted to cancel. They said being in Switzerland and as a company purchase, I had no rights. Almost sounded like she was being racist.

My business will never use dell again and I just informed my office in Asia not to purchases from dell. And I would never recommend them, and would discourage anyone from using them.


8 years ago

I have been using Dell computers for over 10 years. Never ever Dell let me down. Their product is very reliable and works many years. The only time I lost a dell laptop was when I spilled a full cup of coffee on the keyboard. Oh well. It is so much better and reliable than HP. I recommend Dell to everybody what is looking for a reliable inexpensive computer.

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