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4 months ago

The most irresponsible service ever is the incompetence of the employees, they don't care about their customers, why did I give 1000 euros for that damn laptop. You are not responsible! yOu took money from me but you did not fulfill your obligations, TERRIBLE SERVICE!!! …


5 months ago

I was a HP diehard user until about 4 years ago when I received my first Dell I have been in love ever since.


1 year ago

Great Alienware products, very poor service. If you are considering a comparable product from someone else, go for that, or just be prepared to be messed about a lot and it to be a struggle to buy something from them (like lots of retailers in France unfortunately).


1 year ago

A surprisingly positive experience.

Wanted a computer with international keyboard. Living in France, that's a tough job. Either Apple or Dell can do that job, I鈥檝e learned.

Went on to and with my adventures French, I found an Inspirion 14 5000 – The keyboard had to be an international one, and I wasn't quite sure how to fix this. I started the chat and was connected to a woman called FZB. She kindly asked for my needs (all in French). I confessed, I really wanted a Danish keyboard, though an international would do. FZB told me I could have a Scandinavian keyboard (a regular Danish one), if I wanted that. Wooow, happy me !!! Of Course I wanted that 🙂

FZB then asked me for my IRL details and sent me an offer via email, which I have to confirm – seemed like a strange procedure, but hey鈥?ok.
I had made an error with my address, as my French is quite poor, she corrected this and sent me the updated offer.
I was asked re reply the offer with an 鈥淚 consent鈥?- Which I did. FZB then told for the payment process she would call me. Strange procedure again, but hey 鈥?ok.
The phone rang and at the other end was a very nice, pleasant and trustworthy person. I gave her the card details + the magic number on the back, and the payment went through. The computer would arrive within 14 days, she told me.

And I waited. In one of the mails I was sent, I found a link, so I could follow the computers journey from China to me. Naturally it was the China – EU leg that was longest. Once in the EU it took a day for the machine to find its way to my hands. The delivery took 9 days.

And the machine arrived. It exceeded my expectations. Was fast, perfect and just what I wanted.

But after two days I saw the F2 key was crooked. Like the key wouldn鈥檛 stick to the keyboard. I tried to find out how to get help through the site, though I was not really successful. I took a picture of the crooked key and send it to FZB. She called me on the next workday, said she had seen the issue and would patch me through to technical. At technical I was setup with a technician, who would pass by the day after to fix the computer.

And so he did. He came and in 36 degrees heat, he took all the inside of the computer out, and replaced the entire keyboard-board. Heroic !

Now my computer is perfect and awesome again ! And what a service !!

After my experience I can only recommend to everyone !!!

Note: I would recommend Dell.any-EU country always have native + International English speakers working, as there are more than 370 million English speakers out of about 450 million EU residents. And with the EU – we tend to move around :).


1 year ago

DELL = NIGHTMARE! Impossible to reach by phone do not reply to emails and if they do it is to inform you that your ticket requesting assistance is CLOSED and if you are not happy, they will reply that you can open a new ticket….(sic). I have never ever seen a company who despises its cleints to this extent. They are probably only interested to sell their systems to big companies and if you just a human being, you are just a dirt. ADIEU DELL


3 years ago

Working with Dell in France is a huge scam !
Why do distributors & wholesalers still work with this company !!????

Dell has absolutely NO business ethic at all.
Before they used to do only direct sales. Now since they have swifted to indirect sales recently, they ask for ALL your customer details before sending you an offer…after what they say that they cannot provide you an offer as they have already addressed an offer to another distributor. Hard to believe when you have asked the offer even before your client has sent their RFP document to other companies !!!!

In the end they either end up contacting your customer directly and/or send it to a shortlist of distributors with who they work and love cheating together.

All this for what…well to protect their insane high margins what else !
People and companies think that they will get better deals by buyind Dell because they buy direct. In reality it is the opposite and believe me working for a 100 Mi 鈧?company I have loads of data to proove it.
Dell's margin is usually between 9 and 16% vs 5&9% for most other brands.

Now I will stop wasting my time by making this message evn longer but I belive that ethics is alos important in work and Dell has none.
Time for people with ethics and I know I am not the only one concerned to boycott these companies who have no respect at all.

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