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5 months ago

I wanted to place a business order with Dell (Belgium) for a high-spec Precision Workstation 3640 Tower. I have a business account that I haven't used for a long time, and as I couldn't find my VAT number listed anywhere I tried to check this with Dell prior to placing the order. No matter what phone number I used, a recorded voice redirected me to their website and hung up. This is totally unacceptable! If this is the level of "support" they offer prior to making a sale, then what is it going to be like if I have any kind of issue or question afterwards? I'm frankly disgusted by their lack of respect for their customers and won't be buying anything from Dell again. What a complete waste of time!


2 years ago

The technical service is horrible
I had to pay 600 euro for a new screen, although my computer had warranty. And it took more than one month!


3 years ago

-5 stars please! DELL HELL NEVER WENT AWAY

The way Dell treats its small customers is ridiculous. I ordered a 鈧?3000 Alienware desktop and a 鈧?1000 5K monitor. The website mentioned that the PC would been send within 2-3 days. I got the PC one month later…


After a week I already the PC because it didn't work at all! It crashed constantly and when I contacted your Hell Support I was told to do a scan from one of your tools. The scan took 8 hours, while experts told me it should only take 30 minutes for a machine like I had.

The scan finished and the results was laughable. The computer was 100% fine while it crashed and showed me blue screens! All of that within only ONE WEEK! I took pictures from it and contacted Hell Support again. They told me that if the results are OK, that the computer is working fine. No hardware trouble detected, so the PC was fine according to Hell Support! Even when I send them the evidence that my PC clearly wasn't working they kept saying that they couldn't do anything because they thought that the problems where probably software related. According to Hell Support, software issues aren't treated as technical issues. Seriously? Why do I pay for support I don't get any? Hell Support basically exists to tell people to f*** off, and to take their s*** somewhere else.

As a result I've send the 鈧?3000 worthless piece of junk back to Dell. Luckily I got my money back because I returned the product within 14 days. I bought another PC, with top quality hardware for the same price, because the hardware from Dell isn't worth half of it! There is enough proof on the internet from people who are complaining about the hardware as well. Certainly from the power supply which is total crap in certain models.


Aaah, yes, the beautifull Dell UP2715K. The first 5K monitor from Hell… euh Dell. No wait, Hell was right.

The monitor worked very well for a month… UNTIL… there appeared light flashed onto the monitor guided with the beautiful sound of electricity sparks. This happened multiple times, so I decided to contact Hell AGAIN.

Hold tight, because the fun now will really start!

I contacted your great *cough* support service again and they told me they were going to send another monitor for replacement. I WAS SHOCKED! Wait, what? No hassle, no question? Too good to be true, and so it was.


When I received a replacement monitor, I got a REFURBISHED model, which looked like it was taking dust for years in a shed. Nobody told me I would receive a refurbished model!? They value a brand new 鈧?1000 equal to a refurbished one!!?? The rubber feet came loose and the monitor showed colorated pixels on the borders! I assume that the monitor wasn't glued 100% straight into the body. So I decided to return that monitor as well. But then the fun began.

My contact claimed that according to the Terms & Conditions, every monitor is replaced by a refurbished model and that the refurbished models are as good as the new ones and that they meet the "high" requirements from Dell. I wrote him back saying that there isn't any word in the Terms & Conditions that states that monitors are replaced by refurbished models (believe me, I've read it 4 times. It isn't mentioned at all!). And I asked him if Dell had such a low 'high requirements' since the refurbished model was total crap.

No response for 4 days, called Dell, I was told to write a complaint letter. I've sent the guy an email, AGAIN. He replied the same day, randomly asking for a service tag. Ignoring my questions and once he lost his patience he said that I got a "new" monitor and if I had any complaints, I had to write a letter. I insisted to get a new monitor, which I got after a while. Luckily, because after a week there were showing up clusters of dead pixels!!!


So, I received the 3rd monitor. The monitor finally looked alright, but there was one dead pixel. Or it's just dirt behind the glass which is glued onto the monitor. I'm not sure, but it looks more like dirt/dust. I told the guy it was fine, but after a couple of days I noticed that the glass panel is gettings loose at the side of the monitor! At least 1 cm (0.4 inch) and a light beam from at least 5 cm (2 inch) shines trough the side. So, yes, I asked for a replacement AGAIN because I don't want to take the risk that there would crawl a bug between the glass and the monitor and get stuck, or that there would come dust underneath it.

Misery, again! The monitor wasn't in stock anymore and I was told that it would be back in stock at this moment (mid-march 2017). So I was asked to wait for a bit, which I was willing to. But after a couple of days I got a message from UPS that there was a package on its way. I was surprised, because I was told that the monitor wasn't in stock anymore. So I got a bit suspicious, but happy at the same time.

The monitor was deliverd and gues what? IT WAS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MODEL!!! Instead of sending me the 27" UP2715K (5K monitor) they've send me one of their 32" 4K monitors. WITHOUT TELLING ME!!??

So I mailed that guy AGAIN and now he is ignoring me because I asked for a decent solution! I proposed twice, or maybe even 3 times to get my money back. BUt they don't even answer on that. They only keep sending their crappy monitors!!!

So here I am, 3 months and more than 60 (!!!) mails later. Still with a monitor that meets the 'high' requirements from Dell. This is pure bulls***. Dell only cares about their big clients (= big companies). I am really wondering how I would be threated if I would act as a CEO from a big company, ordering 100 of those crap UP2715K models. I'd probablly get 5 for free then.


Don't buy Dell, unless you like Hell. I don't think this crap was resolved at anytime. Dell Hell was always there, and will always be there. They don't care about you. They only want your money. They act like "friendly" pickpockets/frauds and when they really feel that you won't give up. They simply ignore you. But I'm not giving up. I'll bother that crappy company for ever if I have to. At this point, I just want my money back since they don't comply with their legal obligations. They feel powerful, because who can touch them? They'd better watch out before Hell gets its hands on them!


4 years ago

I ordered a beautiful curved, widescreen Dell-monitor at, which is a retailing company for Dell, and the same day I bought a new desktop computer directly from the Dell-website.

I kept the screen in the box for a couple of weeks, waiting for our offices computer specialist to integrate the new PC and the monitor in our company-network.

Ofcourse I took the screen really carefull out of its box (it's not the first system I bought, we're architects since 22 years).
The screen looked really neat.

It was only after installation, and after using it for four hours that an ugly crack appeared. On the outside the monitor still looks perfect. But on the inside the glass is broken, making this beautiful monitor a worthless piece of material, only good for the scrapyard.

In a chatsession wit, (the retailer) they asked me for some photo's, which I sent immediately. It is cristal clear to me that this damage could only appear because of the expansion of the curved glass plate inside, due to the heat and due to a flaw during the fabrication of the screen.

Their reaction was very, very dissapointing; they claim to be sure that this kind of damage couldn't be caused during fabrication, so it is clear to them that I dropped the screen, or maybe hit it against something hard.

Seriously? Do they really think this is how I would handle this precious piece of technology?

They want me to send the monitor back in, they will examin it, AND they will send me a quotation concerning the cost of repair. If I don't accept their proposal, they will charge me 75鈧? only to have examined the screen.
This proposal leaves me vulnerable in their hands, doesn't it?

Can't they see that there exists at least a possibility that the screen is constructed in a bad way, or that it could even been handled in a wrong way by the delivery service they sent it with?

At that point I decided to take this a little further, and to contact Dell. In the end, it IS a Dell product, and it is in their interest to get feedback about the retailers and distributing associates they work with.

The reaction at Dell's was equally poor. They stated almost immediately that this kind of damage couldn't be compensated. It's quiet obvious that at least someone isn't doing the math at Dell's. In our office we bought at least ten Dell systems + monitors during the las ten years. We're loyal clients, not only from a professional point of view, but also for our private computers at home.

How do they think we will react to this event?

I am truly dissapointed. My collegue-architect ordered the same screen with, and it works really supperb, as should mine…


6 years ago

Great company, cannot fault the customer service. , my purchase got lost with the courier company , within hours another had been dispatched .. They kept me updated with the progress of the delivery.
Very impressed .. Old ole fashioned customer comes first for a change !!!

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