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2 months ago

Asked Dell's chatservice for advice en ordered a pc and a 4K monitor.
To my surprise the pc has no HDMI-port and the cable delivered with the monitor was a HDMI to HDMI cable
And the cable capacity didn't support a 4K monitor.


3 months ago

Amazing customer service!

I buy all my products at Dell. First I accidentally dropped liquid on my XPS 13 laptop, but the Dell accidental damage warranty completely covered it. They replaced the whole laptop the next day, for free.

Next, I accidentally broke my 700 euro Ultrawide screen while installing a monitor arm. Guess what? Dell's Premium Panel Guarantee completely covered this. They replaced the whole screen the next day – for free!


4 months ago

Thank you,

So in other words I don't send u my Iban or verify my I. D
I cannot get my refund?

Dell is a company…. I ordered with Dell because I trusted
The product and customer service
I expect my company paid for the product. Since you guys cannot deliver I requested a cancelation.
And now your asking me to do your job for you?
(verify I. D and IBAN) so I the client / B2B can get my money back?

1st of all if the delivery company cannot find or deliver to the adres…. I think it's normal to first contact the client let us know about the situation or delay…
It's a laptop that usually can be delivered in just a few days…
I need it to work with I didn't just order for fun.
It's now over 20 days and no one contacted us with solution or just update us about the situation.

So this is the service from Dell?

This is what I'm dealing with.


5 months ago

Dell offers a wide variety of products in addition to just laptop computers. I have two Dell laptops and have had very few problems. The also have a diagnostic you can run to improve performance and check for updates. These are very good computers.


9 months ago

I recently bought an Inspiron for 1426鈧?(correctly rounded figures using), being the Desktop all-in-one and 2 software options for a total of 248鈧?(the Inspiron itself costs 1100 鈧?so yes the total doesn't add up and Dell can/will not explain why)
The additional software wasn't installed and it took 19 calls and a bunch of mails to get a confirmation that there was a mistake and I will get a refund.
But, big but, I get refunded only 182鈧?and even after sending them screenshots with their pricing, making the calculation for them: the same order would cost me 1347鈧?but they keep insisting they have refunded me for what I payed for the software.( so according to them I should only have paid 1282鈧?for the configuration)
So the scam is for 143鈧?of which 66鈧?can simply be proven and checked on their own website.
No big amounts, but how may customers are being scammed this way ?


9 months ago

I bought Dell Inspiron 7490 on 17.04.2020
Terrible experience,they had a issue with the Blue screen error ,for so long time ,and they still didn't fix that particular problem,in short ,laptop is going to sleep whit the lid closed,and he never won't wake up ,after that you have to reeboot system.
And you going to ask me ,how I get done that ,from Dell side?
and there is ridiculous ,was answer like that
Base on the response of the system for all troubleshooting steps done, The hardware component still works fine and the issue possible related to a software, If you will perform operating installation we can identify if the hardware is faulty.
Why exactly should I have to go through the effort of doing this for a laptop I spent thousands of pounds for?
Not buying Dell anymore,never !!!!


10 months ago

Sh*ttiest service ever. Bought a Dell monitor the specifications of which did not match the specifications detailed on Dell's website. Dell refused to exchange the monitor. Buy Dell and have an issue …. you're scr*wed. Do yourself a favor and buy your computer hardware from a company that does care about customer service.


11 months ago

5g murderers!! one star for being corrupted!


2 years ago

I purchased a Dell XPS 15 9570 with premium support as I was starting a new business and couldn't afford downtime from a non-functioning laptop. It immediately had issues with the wifi, which from reading these forums is a common issue with the killer wifi cards in these laptops. It took over 2 months to for Dell to fix the issue. During this time their support staff were rude, ignored emails, hung up on me during calls to the support desk, and I was continually told that it wasn't their problem I would have to contact someone else. Out of sheer frustration I even sent an email to Karen Quintos the Chief customer service operator, which was also ignored. I did finally receive a replacement computer when they admitted after 6 weeks, that they didn't have the replacement part to fix the wifi. The Client Resolution Manager who eventually got me the new computer promised he would arrange some sort of compensation for the 2 months without a functioning computer and the dozens of phone calls and emails I had to send. He has instead stopped responding to emails and I haven't heard from him in two weeks. In short the premium support Dell offers is completely worthless. I purchased a top of the range Dell computer because I couldn't afford the downtime I thought I might get with a cheaper version. Putting aside the quality issues and that Dell is still selling a premium laptop with a wifi card with known issues. The cost in time and lost business I experienced due to the terrible customer service has convinced me to never buy another Dell computer.


2 years ago

I bought a high-end dell laptop almost a year ago.

Since then I've spoken to so many customer service agents that I now know my customer number off by heart.

I've had one repair attempt that utterly failed. This took a month including mailing both ways (EU to USA, my expense of course), it then took another full 3 weeks to transfer the warranty to Europe. At that point I'd been without a laptop for two months and as I work in tech I obviously had to buy a replacement.

I have called a half dozen times over the last two weeks asking for a refund, they either can't help me, transfer me or I get mysteriously cut off (though I'm always polite to the agents of course). One agent promised to get his manager to call me back but that never happened.

I've been transferred from one department to another and then back again because each said only the other could help.

This experience has left me feeling bitter and betrayed, has cost me a significant amount of money. This company does not care about its customers, it's not in the business model. I've lost so many hours of productivity over this that it is nowhere near worthwhile getting a decent price on a laptop. Just don't buy from Dell


3 years ago

Good devices but somewhat overpriced and pre loaded with too much software which is not desired.


3 years ago

-5 stars please! DELL HELL NEVER WENT AWAY!

The way Dell treats its small customers is ridiculous. I ordered a 鈧?3000 Alienware desktop and a 鈧?1000 5K monitor. The website mentioned that the PC would been send within 2-3 days. I got the PC one month later…


After a week I already the PC because it didn't work at all! It crashed constantly and when I contacted your Hell Support I was told to do a scan from one of your tools. The scan took 8 hours, while experts told me it should only take 30 minutes for a machine like I had.

The scan finished and the results was laughable. The computer was 100% fine while it crashed and showed me blue screens! All of that within only ONE WEEK! I took pictures from it and contacted Hell Support again. They told me that if the results are OK, that the computer is working fine. No hardware trouble detected, so the PC was fine according to Hell Support! Even when I send them the evidence that my PC clearly wasn't working they kept saying that they couldn't do anything because they thought that the problems where probably software related. According to Hell Support, software issues aren't treated as technical issues. Seriously? Why do I pay for support I don't get any? Hell Support basically exists to tell people to f*** off, and to take their s*** somewhere else.

As a result I've send the 鈧?3000 worthless piece of junk back to Dell. Luckily I got my money back because I returned the product within 14 days. I bought another PC, with top quality hardware for the same price, because the hardware from Dell isn't worth half of it! There is enough proof on the internet from people who are complaining about the hardware as well. Certainly from the power supply which is total crap in certain models.


Aaah, yes, the beautifull Dell UP2715K. The first 5K monitor from Hell… euh Dell. No wait, Hell was right.

The monitor worked very well for a month… UNTIL… there appeared light flashed onto the monitor guided with the beautiful sound of electricity sparks. This happened multiple times, so I decided to contact Hell AGAIN.

Hold tight, because the fun now will really start!

I contacted your great *cough* support service again and they told me they were going to send another monitor for replacement. I WAS SHOCKED! Wait, what? No hassle, no question? Too good to be true, and so it was.


When I received a replacement monitor, I got a REFURBISHED model, which looked like it was taking dust for years in a shed. Nobody told me I would receive a refurbished model!? They value a brand new 鈧?1000 equal to a refurbished one!!?? The rubber feet came loose and the monitor showed colorated pixels on the borders! I assume that the monitor wasn't glued 100% straight into the body. So I decided to return that monitor as well. But then the fun began.

My contact claimed that according to the Terms & Conditions, every monitor is replaced by a refurbished model and that the refurbished models are as good as the new ones and that they meet the "high" requirements from Dell. I wrote him back saying that there isn't any word in the Terms & Conditions that states that monitors are replaced by refurbished models (believe me, I've read it 4 times. It isn't mentioned at all!). And I asked him if Dell had such a low 'high requirements' since the refurbished model was total crap.

No response for 4 days, called Dell, I was told to write a complaint letter. I've sent the guy an email, AGAIN. He replied the same day, randomly asking for a service tag. Ignoring my questions and once he lost his patience he said that I got a "new" monitor and if I had any complaints, I had to write a letter. I insisted to get a new monitor, which I got after a while. Luckily, because after a week there were showing up clusters of dead pixels!!!


So, I received the 3rd monitor. The monitor finally looked alright, but there was one dead pixel. Or it's just dirt behind the glass which is glued onto the monitor. I'm not sure, but it looks more like dirt/dust. I told the guy it was fine, but after a couple of days I noticed that the glass panel is gettings loose at the side of the monitor! At least 1 cm (0.4 inch) and a light beam from at least 5 cm (2 inch) shines trough the side. So, yes, I asked for a replacement AGAIN because I don't want to take the risk that there would crawl a bug between the glass and the monitor and get stuck, or that there would come dust underneath it.

Misery, again! The monitor wasn't in stock anymore and I was told that it would be back in stock at this moment (mid-march 2017). So I was asked to wait for a bit, which I was willing to. But after a couple of days I got a message from UPS that there was a package on its way. I was surprised, because I was told that the monitor wasn't in stock anymore. So I got a bit suspicious, but happy at the same time.

The monitor was deliverd and gues what? IT WAS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MODEL!!! Instead of sending me the 27" UP2715K (5K monitor) they've send me one of their 32" 4K monitors. WITHOUT TELLING ME!!??

So I mailed that guy AGAIN and now he is ignoring me because I asked for a decent solution! I proposed twice, or maybe even 3 times to get my money back. BUt they don't even answer on that. They only keep sending their crappy monitors!!!

So here I am, 3 months and more than 60 (!!!) mails later. Still with a monitor that meets the 'high' requirements from Dell. This is pure bulls***. Dell only cares about their big clients (= big companies). I am really wondering how I would be threated if I would act as a CEO from a big company, ordering 100 of those crap UP2715K models. I'd probablly get 5 for free then.


Don't buy Dell, unless you like Hell. I don't think this crap was resolved at anytime. Dell Hell was always there, and will always be there. They don't care about you. They only want your money. They act like "friendly" pickpockets/frauds and when they really feel that you won't give up. They simply ignore you. But I'm not giving up. I'll bother that crappy company for ever if I have to. At this point, I just want my money back since they don't comply with their legal obligations. They feel powerful, because who can touch them? They'd better watch out before Hell gets its hands on them!


4 years ago

My laptop was stolen. Calling Dell connected me with a customer service agent who advised me to leave my details behind on a specific area of the Dell website. No, she was not the right person to take my details; I really needed to follow her instructions.

Instructions?? The indicated service area was not to be found!

I initiated a chat.. 23 minutes I was put on hold! Then, the sales agent asked me if he could be of any further service and before I could react that he did not even responded to my initial question, he aborted the chat session.

Dell, are you for real..


8 years ago

Ordered an off-the-shelf monitor. The website indicated that it would be shipped within 24-48 hours. But instead they gave me a delivery date of 45 days after they had taken my money!

Emails to customer service were not replied to. And when I eventually spoke to a member of staff I was told I could not cancel the order – even though it wasn't due to arrive for another month.


8 years ago

Ordered on the 19/06 delivered by a gentle DHL bike courier on 25/06. Considering the age of the machine, I'm satisfied with the service.

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