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1 year ago

They credit scored my business without consent. The response was to blame others even though i had a recorded call stating otherwise. Man up Dell and take responsibility for your appalling service


2 years ago

Terrible. Bought an alien ware 15 r3. Tried repasting cpu and gpu and a fan cable tip broke. Then an lcd cable tip broke. Everythings barely attached to the mother board. Put new both in and now the lcd stays white. Got a better screen put on and the laptop doesnt even last a year. I spent $2000. Now wishing i built my own like my friends. I had faith in dell and they let me down completely.


3 years ago

Shocking policy on not refunding business purchases from a company I've bought 6 computers from in 14 years. Finally persuaded the representative to change his mind as a token of gratuity. Refund partially given which is truly disappointing.


3 years ago

I placed an order for a PNY 1060 graphics card on the 29 of June on their website, the estimated delivery told me July 28 through August 1st. Which was fine- I didn't mind waiting a month for something.

But actually…the vendor PNY was back ordered and Dell didn't bothered to tell me that before I bought the item AND didn't bother to send me an email and explain the situation!

Furthermore, when I got on the phone with their reps, only one rep from a small department actually genuinely sounded like she wanted to help me, unfortunately I needed to be transferred to sales since that's the only way to modify my order.

They transferred me to an operator who asked me for all my info but didn't even help (why then? why not just transfer me immediately- operator?). After that "Sales" told me I was actually transferred wrong because I bought from the small business site and needed to get help from their business department instead. Then their business department told me I was to be back at home business instead.

The rep at business instead just dropped my call during transfer, so I went through the automated phone service to get to Sales (which I could've just done from the get-go in hindsight..). The Sales rep was nice but had no clue; showing me a $400 product I could modify to from my $200 purchase (seriously?…if I had that amount of money- wouldn't I have canceled it instead?). I gave up so finally I was transferred back to the cancellation department where they didn't even let me talk to the genuine rep from the very first call.

Very disappointed my time wasted, I wouldn't have minded if they gave me some warning prior purchase (since they obviously knew with the long estimated date) or during waiting time. Dell didn't even bother to offer me any compensation during cancellation of wasting my time(only the genuine rep said she could work something out with a few bucks off if I modify my order but I never got to talk with her again so).

To sum:

Waited a month for a backorder from vendor that I did not even know about. Rude and unsympathetic sales reps. Would not buy from or recommend to friends again

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Read 1 Review of Dell to check if it is legit.

Website & Phone:

2 years ago

Hello people around the world and specially in Sweden.

I have a big news for you and want you to share information about Dell in Sweden.

First of all I have dyslexia so excuse my bad grammar and English.

I bought from a store, a laptop Dell XPS 15 operative system Win10 Pro. From the first day I have error got Windows Blue screen error about the RAM and other hardware parts. After two weeks It came back repeatedly. Lost some files, blue screen and orange screen, scary sound effekts etc. I called to store to get a new one but they said I have one year guarantee for laptop but I lost 14 days guarantee from store to get a new one. So talk about that pain in the a**. So I called to Dell service and they checked my system and said that there is nothing wrong. Even I get so much blue and orange screen they couldn't find it. Until december after Windows update I couldn't play any games from low graphic to high. I couldn't even do 3D program. In April I put offline mode and listened Spotify until I have got Shut down Windows. Same if I plug in HDMI to my monitor.

And what do Dell support say? "No problem on the laptop. If you do have then we can send it to repair. "

Now think about this process. I bought a laptop that cost more than 2000$ but got s**t after unpacked. I have a big deadlines to hand in my assignment and programming….. I mean what the hell just happened in the factory. Can you understand me? What in the hell are engineers doing, production leaders and people who make laptop in the f***g factory??

Now here comes the news why you should not buy Dell.

First you call Dell to get a service repair, and that repair station is in Norway. Yea, right there, Norway not in Sweden. And that company has got pretty much bad feedback "No reply, negative service attitudes, priority low, got late more than 2 months".

Once you have contacted from Dell you get auto-message from email from repair-company with delivery ticket.

Here comes the "fun" part that killing your mood, energy, life etc.

On the delivery tag it doesn't say how to do and which post service you have to go. But all I can see is DHL and Bring on the return ticket area. I went to PostNord – they denied and suggest me to go DHL. DHL denied and begged me to contact the Norway repair company to get a speciell DHL code to register online that it is ready to send. Bring? Well there is no bring postservice around the Gothenburg and as a costumer I can not go far away from Gothenburg to send this junk laptop. Talk about how much time it cost to send my laptop? It wasn't smooth.

Have you sent an email to repair service about the ticket? Yes, it has been more than one month, no answer.

Instead I have to wait next day to call again to Dell support and he has no idea either how to do. He tried to contact repair company – no sign. Instead he suggest me again to go another DHL service and try to send.

Well after 2 days I went to another DHL post service. And it succeed got my return evidence ticket.

Dell support said "To get repair should take around 2 weeks."

Well after one week I was curious if my laptop has sent because I saw in DHL online that my laptop is still in Sweden. No message that it has sent it to Norway. Dell support said it has surely sent it to Norway but count that it takes around 2 weeks tog get repair.

So it has been around 2 weeks. First call (yesterday) one support sound nervous and unsure said that I will get news tomorrow, which is today. Today after 15 min wait from Dell, she said " I apologize but your laptop is actually in sweden dhl post terminal. The problem was they didn't got a signal from company blabla" ..

I seriously got panic and angry!

Why didn't the previous supporter check what just happen to laptop in dhl post. Why did he said to costumer (me) that it for sure in Norway. I told them to stop the progress, send it home and get my money back – they denied.

Now I have no idea what to do and have so much deadline to hand in. I told them if they can't help me out give me a laptop so I can save my studies. They said no.

I saw one guy just got laptop repaired around 48 days. FORTY EIGHT DAYS! THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Dell has been popular so many years so why don't they have a small repair shops like MAC forum in Sweden?! There are so many dell private costumers who has same problem like me WHY didn't Dell-supporters took feedback and fix the problem?! It has been so many years! Come on Dell?!

This is why I am warning you now. DONT BUY DELL No matter if it is sale or good quality. Got your machine broke well good luck and wait more than 2 months to get repair!



Now please tell me what I shall do?!

Please give me some advice! Help 🙁 I need my laptop for school work.

I am thinking about to go consumer service tomorrow, but not sure if they can help me out.

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