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5 months ago

Dell took my $6000 for a computer with 3 -4 days delivery. Dell is defrauding the Australian public selling computers that they DO NOT HAVE. Dell is acting like a criminal origination that is pulling millions out of Australia in sales and then NOT sending the computers as they DO NOT HAVE THEM or the PARTS in stock. I have all this confirmed in writing from DELL. They don't tell you this for 3 weeks after the purchase and include multiple lies and excuses prior to that. They send out fake emails with new delivery dates and then deny they sent the emails. Now weeks later they still have my $6000 and still no computer, No call back from a manager and DELL just ripped me off.
Dell need to be thrown out of Australia and now I'm making formal complaints with the federal police and my federal minister.
Companies like DELL should not be allowed to operate in Australia when their intention is to sell products that they do not have and have FAKE delivery dates on their website STILL. Lies, misinformation, fake date after fake date and then I'm told they do not have the part that attached the processor to the motherboard followed the next day that they say it's not that part it's the graphics card. Lie after lie and still weeks later NO computer and NO money. WARNING DO NOT BUY FROM DELL

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