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3 months ago

Ordered a new laptop from Dell on the 10th of November. Received an email November 21st to say that the order was delayed until December 17th.
5 weeks to deliver a bloody laptop – this is a company that manufacturers them!


3 months ago

One star only because there is no zero. Where to begin? My XPS 15 purchased in March 2019 began to act up almost immediately, but I did not contact support until after the 14 day returns period ended (more fool me). There were so many faults with the laptop that I was constantly opening new cases. I spent literally hours being directed through changes, or sitting in while a service engineer worked remotely on the laptop. By the time that July came there were so many problems that an engineer was sent to my house. The screen and the touchpad were replaced. Two months later the problems had started again. They sent a second engineer and replaced more substantial parts. By November, as problems had started again, I had had enough. I had to go through an extremely long chain of phone calls INSISTING that my case be escalated to finally get in touch with someone who agreed, after much insistence, to replace the model. By December there were already some issues. Once again I went through a round of phone calls and emails, carrying out endless fixes, downloads updating drivers etc. The problems dripped on for months. It wasn't until I started to complain about a very hot touchpad that they agreed to send a new engineer. The whole cooling system was changed along with the motherboard and touchpad. By late September all of the original problems were returned. They sent a second engineer in October who replaced cooling system again along with hard drive. That didn't work so he returned the following day with something else. That didn't work either, at which point Dell agreed to give me a refund. My laptop was taken by courier on a Monday, and I was assured of a refund within 3 – 5 days. After 7 days I asked for an update, Next day I was given some story about the details of my card. Having continued to send details, emailing and phoning requesting a status update on my refund, I was informed that it would be another 3 – 5 days until my refund came through, at which point it will be over 3 weeks since my laptop was dispatched to Dell with a tracking number. I am still waiting. I now know that the XPS 13 is renowned for cooling system problems which were responsible for the entire range of issues that kept emerging. I also now know that it is common knowledge there are serious quality control issues with Dell products and that customer service is patchy. All of the individual service engineers with whom I conversed were great people, as helpful as they could be. The problem is with the system, which is designed to put customers off contacting support, as far as I can see. NEVER EVER BUYING FROM DELL AGAIN, even though they offered me a (meagre) 12% discount on a further purchase to compensate me for the inconvenience. What a joke.


4 months ago

Had a technical problem with software updates. Jeeumoni and Sanal were on it straight away. They called and even checked back in afterwards. Super helpful and technically skilled, thank you Jeeumoni, Sanal and Dell Support!


4 years ago

Don't believe the website – the delivery times mean nothing. I ordered a laptop that initially was to arrive 1 week later, this was then revised to 2 weeks later, and again to another 3 weeks later! At this point I contacted Dell to get more information and soon discovered that the laptop I was waiting for was never going to arrive – apparently they weren't making this model anymore and yet it was still advertised and available to order on the website. A Dell customer care person advised me to cancel my order and make a new order – I sought advice on a laptop that was actually in stock and meeting my requirements but they were not helpful and really didn't seem to care that I was frustrated having wasted a lot of time and energy. I will buy from another company.

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