Design A Shirt

2 years ago

I enjoyed the whole website, idea, getting to make the shirt myself, ect. The only issue I had was the fact I tried probably 4 times and it says on the bottom, quote? But yet nothing is there? I backed out and retired and still nothing came up as a quote? When you're buying things and online knowing your going to be paying shipping as well? It's important to at least have a ball park amount I feel.


2 years ago

There are not enough words to describe the quality, feel the performance and true superiority of these Fishers Finery items in their unique soft hand jersey that neither clings or bulks, but offers a smooth silk hand. They wash like a dream… dare I say it, they get even better with regular washing and drying. No shrinkage, no pilling, just buttery silk smoothness. I have 10-12 items in this line and would gladly line up for even more style. Treat yourself. Nothing compares.

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