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10 months ago

Never paid

Digi-Marketplace (Digi LLC) found my resume on Indeed. They contacted me and offered the job of Escrow Assistant. I signed a contract which stated I would be paid after the 31-day probationary period. During the period, I received many packages and was expected to send the packages with the shipping labels, according to what was displayed on my dashboard daily. They even went as far as to say they would pay extra for shipping packages during the current quarantine.

The day I was to be paid, I was not. I told Digi-Marketplace that I had yet to be paid- no response.


11 months ago


I applied for a escrow assistant job on craigslist. They emailed me from a They called me from a 561-725-8556. Man has a accent. He said he would email me [email聽protected] asking for my resume. Sent my resume received a phone call that I was hired and they were going to send me a offer letter to my email. Received offer letter and signed it and they told me they would send me the dashboard portal to create a account and it has to be approved. Once it was approved they gave me my job details. They said I would get $20 a package and a base pay of $3500. Long story short packages started coming on a daily basis. They were addressed to me but they had various customer names on the box. They told me they paid monthly so my goal was to just ship off as many packages as I could because I looked at it as some extra income. I mailed over 30 plus packages. They will ask you to open the package, take a picture of the invoice and item. Tape the box back up and they upload you a Fedex shipping label on the portal. You mail it off and you earn $20. Several items came and I did the job they asked. It seemed legit because packages really were being shipped. Once the 19th came for pay day I didnt receive ANYTHING. I called the HR number and no one answered. Leon finally answered hung up on me and blocked my number. The message portal kept acting like they didnt know what was going on so I thought maybe it was because of COVID 19. Come to find out I had been scammed. I worked for this company a whole month wasting my time shipping packages and didnt even receive a $1. They will make you seem like they are really a business. They tell you all packages have to be out in 24 hours. But its just there way to try to rush the packages away from you so that they all will be gone by time payday comes. This is wrong and its a shame that someone would want to use people like this but I guess you live and learn. I hope this helps someone and I really hope they will eventually feel whats others feel.


11 months ago

stolen id – false representative of hiring for job – embesseled money

was hired with contract provided service on their platform paid monthly with contract of $5500.00 paid paid monthly – inaddition to travel reimbursment of $400. Recieved via mail multiple items for escrow servicing and report and did so. Gold Bars – Silver bars – All brand new items. while provided service they used my info and took credit ou on my ID


1 year ago

They made me sign a contract with my details on it. And vanished.

I was looking for a job at Indeed.com and this fraudulent company emailed me to tell me they wanted to hire me, so they wanted me to sign an e-contract. My signature was on it, then they never called back. They can use my signature to open an account or credit card. Hope not. But I guess this was the method of getting info from the victims. Address, name and signature.

Is Digi-marketplace.com legit or scam? Can I trust Digi-marketplace.com?

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