1 week ago

Digital Buyer was very good to work with purchasing items, working with customer service on damaged items in shipment and replacing those items. Would recommend using them.


1 month ago

My fault. I ruined 12k worth of dollys I purchased due to being used outside in the rain. I thought they were weatherproof. (thought I read they were) I know you may think I am $#*!ed but I use other dollys in the rainy weather without having to worry for years owning appliance stores. They went out of there way to help me get them repaired. Thanks so much Order # 0874201


5 months ago

Horrible customer service, it's been 1 month since I ordered acrylic guards for COVID.

No shipment ETA, no delivery date, and the customer service rep solution was that I'm welcome to cancel the order…

Order #0877806 Placed on August 18,2020 7:35:57 AM PDT


2 years ago

Misleading!!! Absolutely do not order from them if you need your product somewhat quick. They say ships in 2 days. Funny bc almost 2 weeks after I ordered the 1500$ in products it's still sitting on the shipping companies dock with no sign of when it's being sent when they say today on the site. My opening is tomorrow. Thanks for using a cheap delivery company. Best art is the customer service oat Digital Buyer made me feel like I'm the bad person. Do not use these people or company

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