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Website & Phone: [email protected] Amsterdam 1043 AG Netherlands

8 months ago

I was not aware that the delivery would be announced by email around mid day. so when they called me i missed this email and was still at my work at that time. But Dun Yong arranged that the packaged would be delivered again for the same price. The next time it was delivered i monitored my email carefully and made sure i was home in time.
I ordered Gyoza skins, and they were just as tasty as when i made the skins myself. but it did save a lot of time for making them.
1 tip, leave the package closed when thawing, or the skins will be a bit dry.

All and all i was happy with the customer service and the food itself.

Maybe an exclamation mark somewhere to notify about the delivery would be my only remark.


11 months ago

A company with good price's and good service's. We order already more then 6Y and still happy with them.Special thanks for all this years.

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