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6 months ago

Booked 3 weeks ahead. Ainslie asked to come an hour later than planned-fine. Didn鈥檛 turn up. Sent message, no reply, not even to say he couldn鈥檛 come. I wasted a whole day waiting after moving all the furniture. I鈥檒l hire a machine next time and save myself a day's pay.


11 months ago

frickin outstanding service. so a wis gettin ma new carpet and the geezer who wis putting in wis like ae me "here ye wanting a wee snout" a wis like too right a do ma man so we went out and smoked a wee snout together and had a proper dyno conversation about giving our partners deep hard anal as it in both of our interests. so this ones is for John Colloison of Dundee Carpets. You really are a great guy that every man deserves to have his carpet done by and smoke a snout with


1 year ago

Brilliant job! My carpet came up like brand new, was angry when my mince pie and tomato sauce fell onto my lovely untied rug, but these guys done the best job going thank you


4 years ago

Good results, client service was a bit disappointing


5 years ago

I would not use again, poor poor choice.


6 years ago

After contacting this company to clean a carpet on a Monday morning (Aug 2014), they arrived first thing on the Wednesday. The company failed to clean the carpet properly, I have evidence to show this. I called to ask them just to come back and have a look. After 4 times of calling, 4 times of being told they would call me back with a time slot, and 7 days after I had first complained, I gave up. Thankfully after contacting another company, the carpet is now clean and fresh!

The last time I received communication from the company, they had told me that they were upset that I had said they failed to clean the carpet. However, since they never came back to inspect said carpet, I feel they were not in the best position to judge this. Even if they had come back and said they could not do it any better, or it was not their fault, I could have accepted this. But to all but ignore me and then state they were upset with me I find completely unacceptable of a company today.

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