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8 months ago

I鈥檇 never heard of this company and I couldn鈥檛 find any reviews on trustpilot (or anywhere else!) so I was worried about ordering some dungarees for my mums birthday. But the website looked slick and I needed them delivered quickly so I took the risk. The ordering process was smooth and easy, the dungarees arrived right on time and they look fantastic. Highly recommend.


3 years ago

I ordered a Carhartt 102973 – Heavyweight Hooded Sweatshirt and a Carhartt Force庐 Heavyweight Cotton Thermal Bottom. I receive an email from Dungarees on 1/7/18 promoting a winter clearance sale. Their website listed a clearance sale which indicates to most people that the items are in stock. It certainly appeared that way to me when I added these items to my cart and there was no indication that the items were not in stock or had to ordered from the factory. I placed the order and within minutes I received an email saying my order would ship within 2 – 6 days. Then I received an email a day later saying that they are waiting for stock from Carhartt but that my order should still ship within 2 – 6 days. In between there was no communication within this time period from Dungarees that there might be additional delays. When I did not receive any communication and 7 days went by, I called their customer service for a status. The representative told me that they are still waiting for the shipment from Carhartt. Since I waited so long I asked for a supervisor to inquire about the delay. When the supervisor got on the line I was hoping like any other professional supervisor that she would be helpful. However it went downhill from there. I told her how disappointed I was that I was never informed at the of placing the order that they did not have the items I purchased in stock and why I wasn't informed of this when I placed the order. She said that I was told this when said I placed the order that it would be shipped in 2 – 10 days. This is a bold face lie as I have 2 emails from them saying that the order would ship in 2 – 6 days. Her attitude was I got your order and I could care less about customer service and satisfaction. I asked for her supervisor and she said it was the owner of the company who never speaks to customers. REALLY! What type of business are they running when the owner of this small company does not have the courtesy to speak to their customers. So much for better customer service from small companies. In fact I have received better service from larger retailers than what they offered. Not once during conversation did the supervisor apologize or offer any further assistance. She only arrogantly defended their poor and misleading customer service. The only thing she offered to do was to cancel the order, which I told her to do. She then rudely and abruptly hung up. I AM WARNING EVERYBODY TO THINK TWICE BEFORE PLACING ANY ORDERS WITH THEM, ESPECIALLY ON SUPPOSED CLEARANCE SALES.

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