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Website & Phone: 500 East Broadway Columbia 65201 United States

2 months ago

They had the item I needed and shipped it quick Their customer service was polite when I first spoke with them and I was excited to give rave reviews and add a new retailer to my list of frequently shopped e-retailers. I like shopping small businesses like this. I paid the premium for Ground shipping and followed up with an email to their customer service to confirm it would ship today via UPS or FedEx Ground. Either would have delivered the package to me on Friday. They responded quickly saying yes it would. I was again very excited to have a positive experience with a new company. Then I got my tracking number! A UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE TRACKING NUMBER. They say it will be here Sunday now, but they hardly ever deliver on time, especially when it's going so far. I called to inquire about this and they told me "oh no, the post office is ground shipping too" NO IT IS NOT. They did not offer to fix this. Really bummed with this experience and just emptied a cart I had going for my next, much larger order.


3 months ago

Had a small product issue. Very concerned,, great response, and great resolution 🙂 Best customer service I've had in a while


6 months ago

These people are down right scammers. Losing orders, double charging and wrong size.
STAY AWAY, The customer service people are like uneducated car sales women. CROOKS


1 year ago

Ordered a hat that was too small, the cost break down as follows: Item price 11.99, tax 1.37, shipping 6.95

I returned the item with tags and receipt expecting a full refund. The refund they issued me was $8.49. They kept the tax money I paid, the original shipping I paid, and then charged me an additional return shipping fee of $3.50! These cheaters made $11.82 off of me (and got their product back to resell to another victim). It seems from other reviews on here that they are known for taking advantage of and STEALING from consumers.

I warn everyone not to shop from this store.


2 years ago

DON'T EVER PAY MONEY twice, they keep your money for the refund, hung up on me, stole from me, bad EXPERIENCE, I TURNED them into BBB.. and my pay pal. It's a huge scam, she told me first they couldn't resell my item, so i told her to send it right back to me and take back the unpaid small refund to me then she went on to say that they were already cleaned an that they were back on the shelf.. What…she just told me she couldn't resell them. Girl who answered phone was Brandy, then girl who was manager was Jody, they won't give you no name info, no ID # nothing but a headache and a empty pocket.


3 years ago

Ordered 4 pair of pants of the same size and length. 1 pair was the correct size I ordered, the other 3 were two sizes to big so I sent them back to exchange them. They turned around and shipped me the same exact pants, again two sizes too big. The labels are blacked out where the length and waist are printed on both the outside paper tag and on the fabric tag on the inside of the pants!!!!! Called to say they were wrong and the woman argued with me saying that she measured them herself!!! Well why are the tags blacked out!!!???? Obviously if they did not fit the first time they don't now either!! She said they will shrink two sizes, ummm NO if I wanted the bigger size I would have ordered it!! Just give me what I ordered period!!


3 years ago

I recently order a Carhartt shirt from Dungarees. When it arrived it didn't look anything like the color of the shirt in the picture online. When I sent it back I expected a full refund of my original purchase price.Not only did they not refund my original purchase price but they also kept additional money out of the refund for return shipping. When I tried to contact customer service to get refunded the difference the representative was completely unhelpful and unwilling to refund the difference.Whatever you do don't order from this company.


8 years ago

I have ordered from Dungarees.net several times. They carry clothing and a limited amount of accessories for the outdoors. Their clothing is almost exclusively Carhartt brand. Caqrhartt is a maker of high quality clothing for the outdoors and rugged use.

I have shopped around and the sizes (up to 4X XL) and prices for the clothing offered are hard to beat, if not impossible. I had the occasion to talk with Customer Service a couple times. Both times they were very helpful and professional.

Shipment and tracking has always been prompt. The offer free shipping on orders of $55 or more. Occasionally they will have a coupon code for a free gift for orders of a certain dollar amount; but if you can't find a code don't knock yourself out looking for one.

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