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1 year ago

Persistent spammer.


6 years ago

This is the website for a travel agency that's been around in the UK for a long time. It serves up a script, it looks to me, so it can have a nice pretty ad; a script, I might add, that is right up front, doesn't try to hide.

And, yeah, they want to place a cookie; doesn't everyone. I should think that if you're sophisticated enough to make your way here you're sophisticated enough to block *one* cookie. So there's the online tracking that I felt I had to check.

I can't help but wonder if some users didn't click on their ad to see what they were, and maybe inadverdently sign up for info? Hence thinking they're being spammed? It's pretty easy to do sometimes.

The "Unsuitable for children" is because, who wants their kids booking cruises and safaris and beach vacations in the Bahamas?


6 years ago

I am a travel connoisseur and I love this site because it typically does have the lowest prices around. Also, I had to email them once and I got an immediate response from an actual person…not a robot. Two thumbs up!

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