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2 years ago

I admit I am a total novice about moving- I admit I didn't do the correct research into a moving company- but when you don't know what you are doing- where do you start- I originally contracted with INDEPENDENCE Van lines to move my parents from Bakersfield, Ca to Eugene, Ore. Although Independence Van lines calls itself a moving company- they are only brokers who will sell your job to the lowest bidders- I had no idea of all this until a moving company showed up as scheduled and after the furniture was moved onto a truck, then I found out we were now dealing with an entirely different company. For the next SIX WEEKS, I made daily phone calls to both INDEPENDENCE VAN lines and D UNITED LOGISTICS. I was lied to continuously- the furniture was in Oregon, the furniture would be delivered tomorrow, the next day, for sure the next day. On week five, I started filing complaints with the BBB and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association. The furniture and boxes were finally delivered on week six (BTW, legally, a company has 21 business days to move your belongings) in a RENTAL VAN!!! They apparently don't even have their own trucks!!! The furniture was all broken and boxes were gone- and when I went back to the company- I really said they had been lying to me all the time- they called me a liar and scammer and whore!!!! All I wanted for my parents furniture and belongings delivered in good condition- and I was the liar and scammer and whore!!!

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