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10 years ago

im on the same boat as all of you guys who found out a bit too late. I ordered some normal pair of dunks and received the ugliest pieces of s*%t ive ever seen. I had realized that i made the biggest mistake of thinking my item would arrive. ive been at their live chat mercy for the past three months also. I have just about given up. Whatever. F#*k those guys and their fake business. I hope one day karma shows them. For anyone who is thinking about ordering from this company, don't even think about it regardless of how promising it may sound. They probably get so many of the same questions that everything is just automated. Live help..haha utter BS is more like it.


10 years ago

Whatever you do. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS ONLINE COMPANY. This site is a big rip off! They advertise a wide selection of Nike dunks. I ordered two pairs of dunks from them. They sent me the wrong shoes. Not even close to what I ordered. When I went to their online live chat for support and asked them to correct my order they ignored my request. I contacted them many more times with emails and live chat and they have not replied back at all. This company operates out of China. They are a fraud of a business. Avoid them at all costs. Their website says they offer excellent service if you have an issue with your purchase. That is not the case. Once they receive your payment you are forgotten about by them. This is the worst online company I have ever purchased from. They are frauds, ripoffs and cheats.


11 years ago

I placed an order to this website and received no receipt of my purchase, confirmation email, or anything to tell me that my order was processed and on its way. However they DID take the money from my credit card account. Its been one week and I have not heard anything from them. The only source of contact for them is a live chat support. I have sent them a message and have still received no response. Absolutely a cheat!


11 years ago

Chinese cheaters!
I payed for order and got nothing.
Not even confirmation email. When i've contacted them, agent said that they had problems with shipping address. They suggested me to change it and get my order shipped.
But by that time I found out that they are cheaters.
They used the same email on the other web site.
So it was not for the first time.

They barely respond on the live chart and the last time I was talking to them they told me my order was lost!
Like they never had it neither my money.

Worst service ever.
Chinese sellers are always fraud!

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