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2 years ago

I have done business with Dunn for many years. I brought my car in for inspection. It was failed because it needed these "required repairs" per the store: Ball joint $294, Rack and pinion $968.51, alignment $80.00, Brakes front – $309.98 and Brakes back – $309.98. In total, they had $2,388 worth of work they said needed to be done. I refused the work, even though the car did not pass inspection. I had two other garages look at the car, and was told the only thing needed was brakes and replacing a few bulbs. I had the work done elsewhere, and the car passed inspection without all the "required repairs." I think the people must be on some sort of commission incentive if they get the customer to do repairs which may, or may not be necessary. Not all women are gullible. I was not about to drop that much money without a second or third opinion. I will not go back there!

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