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9 years ago

"Everybody gets paid…EXCEPT YOU" After a serious car accident, I made the mistake of going to Dunnion Law Firm. Just because he saturated print and TV Ads. My Attorney changed two or three times so I could never get prompt contact or response. They sent Me to their Dr. for treatment. When we sat down with the opposing Attorneys to negotiate My settlement, Fault was entirely accepted as theirs and not an issue. My newest #3 representative was quite late. I had never even met nor spoken with "Ronald" when he finally showed up. I was confident,being as gross negligence was accepted by them from the start. At that moment it was revealed Dunnion had sent Me to a Dr. that was under investigation for FRAUD. So all of My medical treatment was questionable, not factual for evidence. I was floored, Dunnion deliberately set Me up to fail when I could NOT have lost had I gone to any other Dr. or Lawyer. "Ronald" as in "Ronald Mac Donald" even had the nerve to side with them at the end, and I was ganged up on by them and My clown for Attorney. With the fraud Dr. My case went from $100,00 to $10,000. My Medical bills alone were $17,000. Over a year past,Dunnion Himself talked to Me by phone and said this case had become non negotiable, He wanted Me to take the $10,000 offer so they could be done with Me. I told him I would still owe the Medical bills and go into serious debt if I did accept. Dunnion YELLED at me, "That's too bad, take the offer or WE will drop You as a client and You'll have to pay US BACK TOO!"
Dunnion took Me to court and dumped Me, telling the judge that I would not cooperate, and that I should now pay Dunnion for all the legal fees that they would have taken out of My settlement. I had to scramble, no attorney would pick up the mess Dunnion had made. So because of Dunnion's Dr. being a fraud, Dunnion ruined My easy $100,00.00. Then turned around and sued Me for $12,000 fees for being "unreasonable client" after leaving Me high and dry without an attorney to collect anything. Sue ME! I got $6,500.00 by representing Myself after 3 years of time had past. Dunnion's bill of $12,000.00 came immediately upon closure of case. Those greedy crooks didn't get a dime from Me thanks to a the sharp judge that dissolved our contract. Dunnion was voided any rights to fees by the judge at the hearing, in writting. Dunnion had to give Me My entire file back, the copied document of the Judges order was very faint, not legible. I had to go to the Courthouse, request the case file to be able to read what was in the Judges order to dissolve. The judge had written with huge letters across the page that listed fee's to be paid back to Dunnion . VOID! Yep, the judge saw what crooks they were and VOIDED them fee's. Dunnion was hoping I wouldn't follow up with this poorly copied by them, document. They set Me up,lied, mis-represented Me then tried to bully Me into paying fee's the judge had officially denied and voided them. "Every body Gets Paid…EXCEPT THE INJURED,INNOCENT,UNKNOWING VICTIM"
It was a Head on car crash, I got hit head on at 70MPH and then slammed from behind at 70MPH, pushing My fist through the dash board, ripped the seat belt even. Dunnion said not to sue the other people that hit Me from behind because, "They don't have any money" but it turns out those people got $20,000.
" Liars are Thieves, and Thieves are LAWYERS and liars." But Dunnion IS A GREEDY LYING CROOK!
P.S. Thank god My Cellulite bag did deploy on time! My older truck had no air bags. I'd be dead if I were skinny. Now life is Flab-ulous and My cellulite bag has deployed on time to save My Life two other times.

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