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Website & Phone: 1100 Nw 53 th Street Unit 2 Ft. Lauderdale 33309 United States

7 years ago

Bait and Switch Fraud

My disabled brother and I were told that this was a moving company with their own trucks. In fact they are nothing but brokers. They gave us a binding estimate of $2,196.43. I paid $600.00 down. The first indication something was wrong was when an Enterprise rental truck showed up. They my brother's things in the truck and were allegedly taking it to weigh. I had no idea where the possessions were. They then claimed that there was over 5,000 pounds which is a lie. They were supposed to send me proof but nothing has been received. I had to pay $2,500.00 or we wouldn't see his possessions again. They stuck his stuff in storage for a week and sent it by Delta Van Lines who we did not contract with. I got a threatening call from the driver demanding $2,094.00 in CASH or postal money order or they would put the stuff in storage and not tell us where it is at.

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